Burda boss n ° 6240: button closing dress

14,90 €

SKU: 6240


Burda boss n ° 6240: Right collar closure dress rucked

Female dresses, curved at the top and slightly flared down. Both are buttoned at the front and surmounted by a right collar. The size is underlined by a belt. The dress without sleeves with shoulder legs, the dress B with large ruchees with the armholes and the hem.

Cut : 34 to 44

Level : medium

Fabrics: Cotton, silk, linen, mixed fibers

Haberdashery: AB: Thermocoling spans. A: 11 buttons. Reduction ribbon, width 3 cm: 1.50 1.70 m. 2 halffraits, width 3 cm. B: 7 buttons.

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