Burda boss n ° 9299: baby sleeping bag

11,90 €

SKU: 9299


Burda boss n ° 9298: hooded combination
With or without sleeve closure in the crotch

With these combinations, little boys and little girls will always be perfectly dressed. Sometimes with a hood, sleeves and a funny face face, sometimes with straps and sheeped edges. Another asset, the two combinations close to the crotch to easily change baby.

Cut : 68 to 98 cm

Level : easy

Fabrics: Fabrics for sweatshirts, Jersey

Haberdashery: AB: 1 zipper t. 68: 14 cm, t. 74, 80: 16 cm, t. 86, 92: 18 cm, t. 98: 20 cm. 9 special jersey-riveter jersey buttons. Twin needle. A: rest of the fabric for the handle borders. Ribbon, width 0.5 cm: 50 cm. B: Ganning dinner, finished width 1 cm: 100,115 cm.

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