Live tip of the workshop: putting on your sewing machine

Do you know that we also have a Sewing workshop 2 steps from Saint-Lazare station? We went to meet Laure, a sewing professor, who distills a lesson to put on her sewing machine. This is also an opportunity to discover the workshop space!

You will tell me for the experienced seamstresses is all cooked, but it may be the black beast of beginners! With Laure it’s a children's game. Besides, learning to master your machine is the basis of all those who want to get started. Laure also transmitted us throughout her courses, her couture de pro cuts for the manufacture of the can or the passage of the wire in the cat's cat. Enough to redo a small point on his basics! We have of course planned some couture videos to come in the coming weeks. So be careful.

And if you already have an advanced level you can always go see us for theSupport for a personal project A little more complex. Also be aware that if you want to introduce your little ends to sewing, it is possible because even the children are entitled to their course on Wednesday!

Good viewing !

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