The Les Coupons de Saint Pierre store is a secure site.

Any order not respecting the Saint Peter's coupons charter will become obsolete and will give rise to a refund of an amount equal to the amount collected in Euro

Application of these

Any order not respecting the charter of the coupons of Saint Peter will become obsolete and will give rise if necessary to a refund of an amount equal to the amount collected in Euro. You can order the products directly subject to availability.

Conditions of ordering

After the filling of your basket and entering your contact details, click on the "order" button. A page summarizing your order is presented to you. "Final validation" validates your order which becomes enforceable against the Les Coupons Saint Pierre store. You quickly receive from us a confirmation email taking up the number of your order and its total amount.
The data thus collected by the Les Coupons de Saint Pierre store (contact details, content, date and amount of the order ...) will serve as proof of sales contracts between the customer and the Les Coupons de Saint Pierre shop and with regard to of third parties.
The Les Coupons de Saint Pierre store reserves the right to not record a payment and therefore not to confirm an order for any reason whatsoever holding in particular a problem of supply or predictable delivery at the time of the order. The customer will be informed by any means within a reasonable time.
The non-execution or partial execution of an order will not open up any compensation.

Right to retract
Under the article of the Consumer Code, the Customer has a period of fourteen clear days from the delivery of his order to return the product at his expense, at the Les Coupons de Saint Pierre store. The product, which must be returned accompanied by a copy of the invoice, will be exchanged or reimbursed. Aside from the defective product, the returned product must not have suffered damage: full product in its packaging and in good condition.

Our products are presented on the site
In particular due to the need for a very frequent update, the products are offered within the limits of available stocks.
In the event of temporary or permanent unavailability and collection of payment by the Les Coupons de Saint Pierre store, a credit will be automatically generated for the benefit of the customer who can then choose either another product for an equivalent price or reimbursement.

The Les Coupons de Saint Pierre boutique is committed, in the event of acceptance of an order, for sale and to have delivered to the address indicated by the Customer, the products chosen by him when ordering.
In the event of unavailability, the Les Coupons de Saint Pierre store undertakes to warn you by telephone as soon as possible, the date of delivery.
The goods sold travel to the risk and peril of the recipient to whom it will be up to verify the conformity and the number of shipments received and to diligent if necessary, against the carrier, in particular in the event of damage, substitution or lack, procedures Planned by articles 105 and following of the Commercial Code, and in particular the sending of a complaint by LCR within three days of delivery, not included on public holidays.
The recipient refrains from any recourse against the Les Coupons de Saint Peter boutique.

Lack of execution
Without prejudice to the stipulations provided for in the article "delivery", complaints on apparent defects or non -compliance of goods must be formulated by the buyer within a maximum of fifteen days from the delivery of the goods. After this period, no complaint will be taken into account.

Price and shipping costs
The prices indicated on the website, by emails or during the various advertising operations of the Les Coupons de Saint Pierre shop are given without commitment and are likely to be modified in the event of updating a product. In addition, the prices charged online can be different from those practiced in stores. For some kits, a choice is offered between different canvases (Aïda or Lin), and this, with no price supplement. This special rate only applies to the Internet store.
The prices, established all taxes included in Euro, are those in force at the time of the order. If, for any reason whatsoever, an erroneous price is indicated to you when ordering, only the price in force will prevail; In this case, you will have the right to cancel your order. Only French checks are accepted as well as national or international bank cards.
Prices do not include shipping and packaging costs, which are indicated at the time of the order.

Payment method

The payment takes place at order, in cash, without discount and in euros only. Several payment methods are offered to you:

- By credit card (secure payment). The price is expressed in Euro. The debit on the customer's bank card will be made in Euro when accepting the order by the Les Coupons de Saint Pierre store, before sending your goods.

- the euro check, fired on a French bank
It must be established in the order of: the coupons of Saint Peter. Just copy the number of your order on the back of your check and send it to:
Saint Peter's coupons
36 Boulevard Bonne Nouvelle
75010 Paris France

- By transfer

- by paypal
The costs of a second presentation of a check are the responsibility of the customer.
In the event of an incident of payment whatever it is, the Les Coupons de Saint Pierre store reserves the right to suspend the orders in progress and to refuse to honor any new order up to full payment of the sums due. The transfer of ownership of the products delivered or to be delivered is suspended until full payment of the price by the customer without impact on the transfer of risks.

The Les Coupons de Saint Pierre boutique does not give any responsibility, both towards its client and any third party, for the dissemination of the products appearing in its catalog.
The Saint Peter's coupons store cannot be required to repair direct or indirect damage, whatever the nature, including unrealized profits or data loss, resulting from the use of products.

Force majeure
Are considered as force majeure, which give off the store The coupons of Saint Peter from any obligation to do, strikes, civil or foreign war, riots, acts of terrorism, total or partial destruction of premises or other, Disruptions in transport, supply difficulties, customs measures of any kind or origin, or any other fortuitous event which prevent or completely delay the execution of the boutique of the Saint Peter's coupons.

The courts of Paris are solely competent to know disputes that may arise in any capacity whatsoever of these general conditions and contracts to which they will apply.