My suede fringe bag

This time, we offer you a tutorial focused on a must-have in fashion: the fringes. We find it on skirts, pants, bags, coats, absolutely everywhere. So today we offer you a simple tutorial to make a nice fringe bag. And if you want to give a haute couture side to your bag, I invite you to make it but at least 3 times bigger for this "oversize" bag that we saw everywhere during fashion week!

Stationery :

The boss provided for this tutorial, however it is not compulsory. Our rectangle measures 32 cm x 25 cm and our triangle measures 32 cm x 15 cm. You can trace your patterns to your liking depending on the desired bag size.

The boss

Step 1: Draw and cut your pieces:

  • On your fabric fold in half, pin your patterns and cut your pieces.

  • Now do the same operation with your printed cotton lining.

At the end of this stage you will have 2 Sweden rectangles, 2 printed cotton rectangles and 2 suede triangles.

Step 2: Assemble and sew your pieces:

  • First start by assembling the two external rectangles (Sweden), as well as the two rectangles of the lining (printed cotton). Seam at 1cm on the sides and the bottom of your pieces.


Step 3: The handle:

  • To create your handle, start by tracing a 5 cm x 85 cm rectangle on the back of your suede.
  • Fold in half this piece and make a straight seam on your song's rib to get your handle.

Step 4: The fringes:

  • Draw on the back of your suede a 38 cm x 10cm rectangle.
  • Draw, with your chalk, fringes between 0.5 cm and 1 cm wide according to your tastes. Cut by following these strips and stop at least 1 cm before the edge.

  • Finally assemble the gang of fringes between your two suede triangles, a place against the place. Make a straight seam 1 cm from the edge. (The gang of fringes is therefore sandwiched between the two triangles)

Step 5: Assemble your pieces:

  • Now we will be able to assemble all the different elements together. Start by pining your bang flap with the Swedish part against the place. Also pin your cove to your suede. Make a 0.7 cm bite on these two parts (width of your press foot).

  • Now place your cotton lining printed in your bag against the place. Seam 1 cm from the edge on the whole turn of your bag, leaving an opening of 10 cm.

Step 6: Finishes:

  • Now turn everything over, by the 10 cm opening. Then close this opening with a point by hand.
  • For this last step you just have to iron your seams.

And here you are, you are ready to stroll with your new Swedish bag with hyper trendy fringes! If you reproduce this tutorial do not hesitate to share it on social networks with the hashtag #lesouponsdesaintpierre!


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