Thread jeans denim 100m - gütermann

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Thread jeans denim 100m - gütermann

The 100 m 100% polyester Gütermann Creativ 100% polyester jeans thread allows everyone to become creative, with as much style and consistency as a professional.

Denim fabrics are not only trendy in jeans fashion. Thanks to its authentic, robust and relaxed side, denim is ideal for making accessories such as handpacks, backpacks, cushion covers or vase dressings

It doesn't matter if you want to sew new denim fabrics or make accessories from worn jeans, this robust wire is easily sewn, reliably and with low wire voltage. Thanks to its resistance to tearing and resistance high for friction and discoloration, it is also suitable for basics as very trendy fashion accessories. Even if you want to sew several layers of fabrics or cross seams, the Denim jeans wire is an excellent needle thread. The special thread structure adapts perfectly to the typical denim style

Recommended size of the needles: needle NM 90 - 110

In detail : Professional jeans wire in 100 % polyester, thickness no. 50, robust and resistant, resistant to friction and discoloration, structure of sewing wire suitable for denim tissues, needle thread combined with a wire for sewing or also as a lower wire.

Applications : Stitching and assembly seams, solid ornamental points and decorative seams, folded seams.

Recommended fabrics : Jeans canvas, heavy with moderately heavy clothing fabrics, heavy with moderately heavy interior fabrics.

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