Burda boss n ° 9304: child strap dress

15,90 €

SKU: 9304


Burda boss n ° 9304: Boutllae dress buttoned at the front skirt gathered

Chic dresses for hot summer days, buttoned at the front and made up of a gathered skirt. Sometimes with flap -plated pockets, sometimes with pockets taken in the seams. Thanks to the elastics, the neck ruche of the dress B allows you to beautifully reveal the shoulders.

Cut : 116 to 146 cm

Level : medium

Fabrics: Cotton, linen, viscose

Haberdashery: AB: Thermocoling spans. A: 10 buttons. B: 9 buttons. 1 sewing press button. Elastic, width 2.5 cm: 45 55 cm. Elastic, width 0.7 cm: 45 cm.

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