DIY and harmonious DIY baskets

Baskets adapted to each storage, it's smart. The stuffed animals take their places in the large basket and the cubes are easily found in the small basket. We invite you to make them from 3 meters of fabrics from the Saint-Pierre coupons. Baskets that harmonize in the decor of a child's room but are available throughout the house. A favorite for yellow with two fabric coupons with geometric and pineapple patterns for a more fun touch.

The tutorial will give you all the explanations to make the large basket easily.

Count 2 hours for confirmed seamstresses and a little more for beginners but achievable at low prices. In addition it will remain by reason what to make another 2 baskets. Our loulous will no longer have an apologies not to put their rooms away!


For the big basket

  • 55 x 125 cm of cotton fabric pineapple for the outside, (3 meters at 15 €)
  • 100 x 125 cm of Uni cotton fabric yellow for the lining (3 meters at 10 €)
  • 150 cm of spinning canvas by 125cm firm thermocollage (the meter € 2.50)
For the small basket

To facilitate your purchases, kits Large basket and Basket are offered with all the equipment to make the basket including the exact fabric footage.

Explanations for the big basket

1 - Cut the fabric

2 - Save the fabrics

Place the canvas on the back of the pattern fabric 2 cm from the edges and 7 cm from the top.

Iron the spinning canvas with an iron at medium temperature, the spinning has a fairly long socket so do not hesitate to pass the iron several times while remaining a few minutes.

Repeat the spinning on one of the circles of united fabric on the back.

4 - Mount the fabrics

Place the fabric with patterns with the background and pin on the edge then sew 1 cm from the edge. The fabric then forms a tube.
Repeat the operation with the plain fabric.

5 - Mount the bottom of the basket

Assemble, pin and sew the circle spinned in the tube of the plain fabric place against the place.
Assemble, pin and sew the naked circle to the tube of the pattern fabric (splash) place against the place and return to the place.

6 - assemble the parts

Put on the motif tube in the lining tube line against the place.
Pin the 2 upper edges then sew. Remember to leave an opening of about 20 cm to turn the room.
Close the opening.
Turn the basket over the opening, assemble the two rooms and iron the outside edge. Sew the opening with a thread of coordinated thread at the invisible point.

7 - Fix the edge
Iron the upper edge and sew 0.5cm from the edge to fix it.

To make the reverse, fold the upper edge to the outside on the line of the spinning, about 7 cm.

For the small basket, renew this tutorial with as dimensions: a circumference of 62cm x 20cm high and a 20cm circle.

To decline the baskets in all sizes, a little math: the circumference of the desired basket (the tube) divided by 3.14 (PI), which gives us the diameter of the circle for the bottom. And for the height of the basket do what you want.

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