Tutorial: zip collar

Collar tutorial with a zip


Hello couponettes!


Today we offer you a tutorial to sew a nice pass with a zip, this is the essential for this summer! To put below your coat! This tutorial requires 50 cm of fabric, we chose a chopped caterpillar

Supply :

● 50 cm of Chopped caterpillar
sewing machine
Wire matching your fabric


Stage :

Make the boss

1. To make the pattern of your collar, you will make a rectangle 40 cm wide and 32 cm high, then for the collar add a square of 10 cm by 10 cm. Draw with pins or a tailor chalk, the dimensions of your sweater according to the diagram.


2. Once this shape has been traced, add the seam margins of 1cm all around. Cut 2 times


3. You get your two sides that you are going to overwhelm or use the zigzag point of your machine all around so that the fabric does not decide.



4. Assemble your two parts against the place, sew the collar and the shoulder at 1 cm from the edge.



5. Once assembled, you will hear the sides and the bottom of your sweater.



Place the closure

6. Measure the length of your closure and postpone this measurement to the front of the collar.



7. Cut the measurement taken to the previously



8. Place your closure for the place of your sweater. Set up the pressing foot for closing on your sewing machine. Do not sew too much close to your closure otherwise it will not be visible.



Finish the pass

9. Finally, hem at the top of your collar



Cheer ! You managed to make a collar with a nice zip! Perfect to put below a coat, it will be your best friend of the fall :) Do not hesitate to mention us on Instagram with the #lesouponsdesaintpierre and @lesouponsdesaintpierre


See you soon :)))