DIY - We test the Patch Art kit

You know the Art Patch ? Discover the new simple and easy technique that allows you to customize your clothes and accessories for adults and the little ones!


The felting technique is very simple, fun and accessible to beginners. Personalize your clothes with the Patch Art Kit DMC to discover on Saint Peter's coupons, composed of carded wool, cookie cutters, DMC embroidered wires, foam, two feloting needles and a diagram of embroidery patterns. Give your clothes a new life and have fun with patterns and colors!

The kit allows many patches to be made because we have used only half of the 5G of white carded wool for our test!

E kit contains

  • 5 x 5g of carded wool
  • 2 cookie cutters
  • 1 foam cube
  • 2 feloting needles
  • 2 DMC embroidery
  • 1 embroidery diagram


  1. Select the garment or accessory you want to personalize and choose the shape and color of your wool.

2. Position the shape on the garment, then put the foam below the garment in the form, and take a little wool.

3. Position the wool inside the shape and prick the needle through the wool, your garment and foam. The thickness of the patch must be 2mm maximum.

4. Remove the shape, and the patch is ready to be customized.

5. Finish the patch by embroidering the shape with DMC peake and your patch is perfect!


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