Tutorial: Flowery top

To celebrate the spring and the arrival of the fabrics of the famous brand Liberty at the house of Saint Peter's coupons, we decided to spoil you! We offer you the pattern of the Top Lima of Modes & Works to make your little summer top!


The brand Liberty 100% British flowery cotton of incredible quality makes its entry at Saint Peter's coupons. Discover more than 70 colorful floral patterns available per meter and perfect for summer achievements! For the occasion, we have tested the top that we offer you with its pretty crossroads and your piping game! The small top only requires 1 meter of fabric and allows you a simple and quick curl in 2 to 3 hours depending on your seam level, offered from size 36 to 44.





Find all the detailed explanations on the top pattern and a summary below to help you during the making.


1- Cut your pattern and your fabric depending on your size. The sewing margins are included in the boss. You must obtain: 2 backs, 1 in front, 1 in front, 1 back panel, 1 backpack facing back, 1 in front neck facing, 1 in front of the low and 2 low backs.

2- Spread the backs and the front right place on the sides and make a seam at 0.75cm. Do the same for the sides of the low survey in front and back.

3- Place the ENFORMED PLACE on the backs on the back and the front previously assembled, then pin the edges and make a seam at 0.75cm.

4- Fear the rounds for a prettier rendering.

5- Return the survey inwards and go back to the back. Make a decline in the 0.5cm inform and then prick the turn 0.2cm from the withdrawal.


6- Spread the back and in front of the shoulders and below the arms, then make a seam at 0.75cm.
Then swing the back and in front facials and make a seam at the shoulders. You can make overfiling on the entire outer edge of the facing.

7- Place the necklines of the place against the place against the top of the top. Make the shoulder seams coincide, pin and make a 0.75cm seam. CRAND THE Rounds of the neck, turn the facing and iron.

8- Make the hems of the armholes by folding once 0.5cm then 1cm, and sew 0.2cm from the withdrawal.

 Option: Passepoil installation

9- Spread the piping (the small cord inward) on the whole turn of the panel. Pick as close as possible to the cord with the special zipper foot.

10- Assemble the bottom with the crossroads and the high encryption, place against the basis, piering as close as possible to the cord on the previous sewing.
Bonus: You can completely make a seam to close your crossroads and that it cannot open!
Your little top crossroads is ready for summer!