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Whaou! We found magic fabrics specially designed for the youngest! Cutch patterns on our cotton jersey fabrics playing with light to change colors. We tell you more about these very special fabrics to discover on Saint Peter's coupons.

You will play with the sun this spring and you will not believe your eyes!

Discover the new collection of innovative fabrics exclusively on the site of Saint Peter coupons. Our fabrics jcotton ersey React to the ultraviolet rays and color under the action of the sun!
5 childish patterns are offered with a flowery fabric, of the balloons, a little girl, a rabbit that comes out of a hat and an army pattern. There are some for little boys and little girls but also for adults who have kept their child's soul!

The principle is simple, the fabric reacts to daylight for a magic effect!

The fabrics are graphic in black and white with artificial light, but they take all their colors under the effect of the sun!

When the fabric is in daylight, it is colored in a few seconds before your eyes, as in the photo below. The colors are gradually emerging for a magical effect!

You make your creation with your colorless fabric in artificial light, but as soon as you go out in daylight, your fabric is colored before your eyes! Your children will want to go out to play outside to admire their colorful clothes.

The higher the UV index, the more the colors will live! You can discover in the sun 4 pretty colors: blue, purple, pink and yellow.
Cotton jersey is ideal for making ups, skirts, dresses, accessories or pants for your little ones, but also for adults!
Slightly stretchy and very soft on the skin, this material is perhaps sewn with a sewing machine or on the overhead very easily.
The 150cm layer allows you to sew children's size in 1 meter of fabric only, with a small top and a small pants in just a few hours for a guaranteed result!

So you are convinced for our magic fabrics Who is colored in light?



Vous présentez des tissus magiques mais la page n’existe pas

Sohier Fabienne March 16, 2024

Bonjour, avez-vous des tissus magiques ? Je n’en trouve pas sur le site ?

Maga October 28, 2023

Bonjour avez-vous toujours des tissus magique car je voudrais en commander merci Cordialement Mm Colas Patricia

Patricia Colas February 28, 2023

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