Sew your Christmas tree calendar in the shape of a fir tree

Today we offer you a tutorial to sew an advent calendar in the shape of a Christmas tree, with our chrystelle seamstress who is responsible for after -sales service at the coupons of Saint Peter. The boss is very simple to make! You can discover the full tutorial that is onYoutube !

Supply :

Patron of the Advent Calendar:

Step 1: Cutting the tree + Thermocollant

Step 2: assemble the pockets

Step 3: Place the pockets on the tree and the cuckles

Step 4: Creation of the hook

Step 5: assemble the tree + sewing

Step 6: Shut up + Cranter the angles

Step 7: Decorative seam

Step 8: Fill the calendar with wadding

Results :

Thank you for following this tutorial, the tutorial was carried out by Chrystelle du Sava of Saint Peter's coupons! Find the full tutorial with all the explanations on Youtube ! And I invite you to

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