Blogger interview: Bee made

Bee made. These creations are modern, full of pep's, fabric and patterns associations always well chosen. So today we wanted to tell you more about Barbara around an interview with a blogger.

Hello Barbara can you introduce yourself in a few words?

Hello, my name is Barbara, I have lived in Troyes for 13 years and I have 2 large girls aged 25 and 21.

I like to create since I was very small (sewing, DIY, cutting, painting, knitting) and over the years the seam has taken up more and more space to become a passion! I spent a lot of time navigating blogs and I also wanted to be able to exchange and share my passion!
Pushed by my daughters, I took the plunge, it was 5 years ago and that is how Bee Made was born!

My blog is a reflection of what I like: a lot of sewing, but also DIY, knitting, cooking and travel!

Flower printed cotton fabric (3m at 10 €)


How did you manage to make your own clothes?

I started sewing my own clothes when I was a teenager, because at the time, it was difficult to find well cut clothes at a reasonable price! I also admit that I have a passion for fabrics, prints, materials and colors, I like to touch them and imagine what they will become!

Orange flower cotton (3M to 10 €)


How long have you been sewing?
I started sewing around the age of 7 or 8 for my dolls and then more seriously for me around 16 years old. When my daughters were born, I reproduced the crisp outfits but too expensive that I saw in the shops! I always sew for them and sometimes even for my husband!

Corail pink milano mesh (€ 15 for 3 meters)


What was your first sewing project?

My first project or in any case the one I remember best was a white top with ¾ kimono sleeves and a large V -décassement in my back, I had made it in an old linen sheet without pattern! Super trend in the 80s !!! I wear it on my driving license photo!


What is the realization you are most proud of?

Without a doubt the tartan jacket made for my husband! It is a piece that asked me for a lot of time, there are a lot of details, the piped and interior pockets, the back slot, the mounting of the sleeves with all the lineup parts without forgetting the tile fittings, I wanted her to be perfect and he was proud to wear it!


What fabrics do you like to work?

I like to sew all the fabrics with the exception of fleeting fabrics, too silky and fine!


What are your next projects?

To tell the truth, I always have 10,000 projects in mind and as I do not have time to carry out them all, some are eliminating themselves over the seasons!

Here is my head of the list:

A printed mustard cotton blouse (likes as a sparrow)

Pants with khaki tweezers (likes as thin then)

A shirt with a white cotton veil embroidered with marine pea (the 603 of DP Studio)

A yellow suede trench (london of stormy)

A printed crepe dress (Alexandra de Coralie Bijasson)

A cotton pajamas jacket printed with retro flowery (Pierrot de Wear Lemonade)


In what workspace do you make your creations?

I am lucky to have a dedicated room right next to the attic: a small workshop under the attic which allows me to leave everything in bulk between two sewing sessions.


What creators make you dream?

No name in particular, these are certain silhouettes that make me crack, color associations, sewing details,…


Can you give us a spring spring 2017 that makes you crack?

Two trends make me crack: ruffles and wide pants

Vichy (€ 12 on 3 meters)


A advice to give to beginners in sewing?

The experience comes by sewing, so you have to start with simple and little adjusted parts and easy -to -sew fabrics to get your hands, take insurance and especially have fun! What satisfaction to be able to wear your own clothes and to be able to say "I did it! »»

Today sewing is easier with the internet: for any sewing technique there are 1000 tutorials and videos even in English are always useful when blocking a technique

Violet flower cotton (3M € 10)


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Bonjour Bée made (très bien trouvé !)
Je m’attarde de plus en plus sur votre blog, je pense que vous allez être mon moteur pour confectionner mes petites coutures.
Tout est parfait chez vous autant la confection que le choix des tissus !
Bonne continuation à bientôt

Christine pkw September 22, 2023

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