Interview with Emilie, the designer of Maison Fauve

Draw me a boss, it is one of the marks of the boss who go up and that makes you say that sewing is fashion! Emilie, her designer takes us to a whirlwind of creativity with this very high couture little detail. Faced with the goal, she makes her beautiful and holds out not to laugh, Emilie expresses this generosity in her lives of mom, dentist and designer. It did not take long for the publisher Mango and the Modes & Travaux magazine to offer him a collaboration, the first with a book to make his bosses and the second with a boss offered for his readers.

1 Not too hard to get back to work after the dental office?

The hardest part is especially to juggle between the 2 activities when I am in the office .... in theory I only have on Tuesday to draw a boss to me, but I am often on my phone between 2 patients or when I have An absent to respond to messages, manage the administrative or suppliers, advance tasks like mounting brochures, passing phone calls that cannot wait ... I don't see my days spending and finally in the evening is " cooler ", once the children are lying I am in the living room with my man and I take care of the order preparations, I advance prototypes.

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2 What do your entrepreneur days look like?

The tasks are multiple when you are a self -employed and the only master on board. I would like to say that I spend my days in a creative bubble but ... no. Often I go to the post in the morning before going to the office, where on my "real" day sewing when I dropped off my children, then I chain either the office, or at my place and there I sew, I sew. If I can, I take advantage of the start of the afternoon to load the foot and the SLR by car and take pictures to bring my blog to life, then I go back and I hope for other work, or if I have to recover Orders I go to my printer who fortunately is not too far. I sort the photos and I often write the items in the evening. And there is also the assembly of stocks, the account, this is in the holes of the agenda and in the evening.

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3 Couture, how did you fall into it?

By accident I would say. I contacted a seamstress during my second maternity leave and at the very end of pregnancy to ask her to make clothes that I drew because I wanted to push further than the accumulation of sketches and choose fabrics. Rather, she offered to try to learn to patronize and sew one of these pieces, and after ten hours of lessons (and a childbirth of love baby) I plunged without a net in the big bath of sewing. My mother lent me her sewing machine (we can't say that she used it a lot either) and the curious discovery turned love at first sight: clothes+fabrics+creation, I made my passion!


4 How did you manage to make bosses?

It was the starting motivation to create my own clothes, I just didn't think I would make them myself (and I didn't know what a boss was). To grab my sewing I sewn pocket patterns (Burda, Wear Lemonade, loves Marie, Pauline Alice) and the desire to create took over. I invested in model books and I hacked a lot, worked, and my 1st clothes rose. The offer as a sewing pattern was much less widely widened than it is now, and I decided to try this crazy bet to offer my bosses for sale.

But I had help, because at the time of friends had a printing and made websites. The most complicated was to find a person to grade and digitize the bosses. I did not have time to train in this, and it reassured me to know that my routes and prototypes were reconstructed by a model maker. And above all I had the assurance that the work would be nickel.


5 What is the boss you are most proud of?

I don't really have a boss who makes me more proud. I see that Violette and Sirocco are those who meet the most success and I love them very much because they are timeless, but I also love my Dahlia blouse, my Highland skirt, my Cape Bonnie dress and my Embrun pants that do not lose Their spice and remain always very trendy pieces when they have a very assertive style. In my locker room draw me a pattern, the only jacket is for the moment camellia, she was part of my 1st collection and she synthesizes everything I wanted to find in a mid season jacket, I have 4 very different (tiles, wax , wool, tailor fabric) and I love them.


6 Where do you draw inspiration for your patterns?

My only criterion is that I will want to wear in the coming months. Being a real fashion of fashion, I get lost in the haute couture collections and I always find elements there that will be able to assert the silhouette, make it current. The true magic of sewing is that the cut is only an element of "speech" because your model will live differently according to the fabrics, the finishing elements (buttons, piping, small braid, eyelets ect ...) and The small transformations that you can bring to him. And frankly when you closely observe the parts of the ready to wear, the trends also recycle on several seasons the bosses to redo the models to live with small transformations and changes in material.

7 Who is your favorite fashion designer?

 Absolute love for Chanel and especially the craft collections. I am in ecstasy in front of the crafts that live through haute couture pieces. I also love Valentino, who despite sometimes strict lines, let us see magic as fabrics, embroidery and finishes are incredible. And that half of the Valentino Créa duo is in Dior makes the last highly desirable collections for me.

As a good fan of frills and ultra female elements, I love Rodarte's work, Giambattista Valli and Alice Temerley and the latest Gucci collections.

We sometimes criticize my models for being a little "too" and not necessarily adapted to a daily wardrobe, but if I had the know -how of beautiful houses at my disposal, I will spend my life (which is not however Clear ...) in embroidered wonders and I love strong pieces, she make me feel safer of me.

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8 In what workspace do you have your patterns?

In my living room .... my house is a couture battlefield and my table is constantly crowded with tissue paper, rolled fabrics, pieces of patterns cut and folded in a corner, with of course in good place my machine to sew and my overweight. And when we "make boxes" with my husband to restock the stock, it's a disaster!

Besides, we have planned to do work to enlarge our house largely so that I have a workshop and a storage space (and I can't wait !!!)


9 Do you have a seamstress gadget?

My steam generator, ironing is life!


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Photo credit: Virginie Garnier

10 What is the play must have this summer?

For me it will be a mixture of ruffles and knots, to be found on all the rooms. For fabrics I cannot choose, for this summer CAP on plants (flowers, foliage, cactus) and animals a little naive, but also an upset of the 80'90 'prints. Embroidery is also a strong value (and I am desperate not to have time to get into it seriously)

11 How do you imagine drawing a boss in 10 years?

I am unable to project myself so far in this adventure! My brand will be 2 years old in September, and when I see the evolution in such a short time I don't know what the future has in store for me. I was very lucky, I have an absolutely adorable and benevolent community that follows me and encourages me with each new event. I made a boss for a magazine, I had the incredible opportunity to be contacted by a publishing house to write a book. All this is linked so quickly.

My real problem lies in sharing between 2 professional activities and a family life, and I do not know if I will be able to give all his chances to Draw me a boss by juggling this. But it only happens to me beautiful things, so I'm waiting for the rest!

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