The Erika dress

Hello couponettes!

Today we offer you a tutorial to sew the Erika dress, with our chrystelle seamstress who is responsible for after -sales service at the coupons of Saint Peter. This dress is made from a pattern Burda n ° 6055 ! It is very fluid and is suitable for any morphology. I advise you to take 1 to 2 sizes below yours all the same because it is a fairly wide model. You can discover the full tutorial that is onYoutube !!

Stationery :

Step 1: Cutting the pattern on the fabric

Step 2: Thermocoller The Parmentation

Step 3: Overward the shoulder seams + Parmenture

Step 4: Pink and cut the pliers

Step 5: Epingle and sew the shoulder seams

Step 6: Spread and sew the Parmentation

STEP 7: Speate and sew the sleeves

Step 8: assemble the skirt

Step 9: Create fronts

Step 10: Assemble the skirt with the top + hem of the sleeves and a skirt stockings

Final result :

Thank you for following this tutorial, the tutorial was carried out by Chrystelle du Sava of Saint Peter's coupons! Find the full tutorial with all the explanations onYoutube ! And I invite you to share your creations on social networks with the hashtag #lesouponsdesaintpierre and #robeerika



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