A patchwork cushion

Does the patchwork tell you something? It is a sewing technique that consists in assembling several pieces of sizes of different sizes, shapes and colors to carry out different types of projects, most of the time for decoration. We wanted to highlight this old technique to offer you a simple, very accessible and above all modern tutorial!


Forget the coverage that makes older, the patchwork is perfectly suited to our modern decorations with a Scandinavian spirit. You can easily vary the colors and patterns for a trendy result by marrying strong colors with graphic prints to form geometric patterns. A wide choice of Small coupons of 45cm x 50cm Ideal for patchwork is offered on Saint Peter's coupons Only € 2.90, to have fun creating a tailor-made decoration.

We invite you to make a 40cm x 40cm cushion together on a simple pattern made up of 16 triangles to mix according to your desires!





Create your triangle boss

 1. Draw an isosceles triangle with the longest 20cm side, height 10cm and the two small sides of 14.2cm in a piece of cardboard which will serve you as a pattern.

2. Using a cutting board, a rotary cutter and your triangle pattern, adding a seam margin of 1cm, cut 6 triangles in each of your 3 colored or pattern coupons.

Assemble the triangles to form the front of the cushion

 3. Once all your triangles are cut, start to have them to get the motif of your choice. You can respect our drawing or leave your desires free rein!

4. When you like the layout, pin each fabric triangle with a number to recognize its location and take a photo to remember the pattern.


5. Start by assembling the triangles that form squares in the center. For example, numbers 4/5 - 6/7 - 10/11 and 12/13. After each seam, iron the open seam for more beautiful finishes.

6. Assemble the squares together to form two rectangles then the large central square. For example, 4/5 numbers with 6/7 then 4/5-6/7 with 10/11-12/13.
Little tip: to guarantee a perfect junction between your triangle tips, check the junction between your fabrics and pin on each side of the junction. Sew very slowly by maintaining the fabric in place.

7. Your central square is formed, iron the seams open.

8. Now assemble the triangles of the ends. For example, 1/2 - 3/9 - 8/14 and 17/18 numbers. Then assemble these large triangles with the central square.


9. Return your square and iron the seams open. The front of your cushion is finished!

Create the back of your cushion

 10. Cut two rectangles from your white cotton coupon:
A 42cm x 36cm rectangle and a 42cm x 14cm rectangle
On one of the 42cm sides of each rectangle, make a hem by folding twice 1cm and sewing.

11. Superimpose the two rectangles on the right to form a square of 42cm x 42cm and pin then sew in the seam margin 0.5cm from the edge to keep them together.

Assemble your cushion

 12. Place the two sides of your cushion, then sew all around 1cm from the edge, taking care to pin well in delicate places like triangles junctions.
Shut up the angles by cutting the excess sewing and then turning your cushion thanks to the opening on the back.
Your patchwork cushion is ready to decorate your sofa!



Play with colors and patterns for a cushion that suits you and integrates perfectly into your decoration!


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