The top Marceau in microfiber

We are already starting to prepare for the start of the school year here! This week, we are offering you a new top chic tutorial that will go perfectly with denim shorts for the end of the holidays and with more chic pants at the start of the school year! The ruffles are still as trendy this season, so make way for your little start -up top named Marceau!


Microfiber is a very fluid printed fabric that does not crush, composed of polyester. It has the fluidity of a pancake but without its rough appearance and is also called "Wool Peach". Microfiber is an ideal fabric for light and fluid creations such as dresses, skirts, but also blouses and highs. Discover our selection of printed microfiber with more than 30 original patterns at Saint Peter's coupons, 3 meters at 20 €.

Let yourself be guided to make a nice top of school back to steering wheel. Learn how to create your own top pattern from a commercial t-shirt to your size and learn to sew a facing and a steering wheel very easily in 2 hours!




Create your top boss

1. Select a t-shirt to your size and fold it in half to reveal the half-dos. Place a pattern sheet below and draw the outline of your t-shirt as on the diagram. Then cut the shape of the half-dos twice in your pattern sheet.
2. On one of the two half-dos bosses which will become the half-deserving, please draw the features indicated on the diagram, starting by offset the neckline in front of the descendant of 10cm. Then, cut your front in half according to the line which goes from the bottom of the armhole to a height of 18 cm under the height of the back of the neck.
You get the boss of your half-dent in two pieces.

3. Place these three pieces of patterns on your fabric previously folded in half and cut around it by adding the sewing margins of 1cm all around, except for hems where you need to add 2cm for armholes and bottom.

4. To define the dimension of your steering wheel: Take the room from the top of your steering wheel and measure the bottom of this room, i.e. 60cm on our example, then multiply by 1.5 this length or 90cm. This gives you the length of your 90cm steering wheel by a height of 11cm. Cut your 90cm x 11cm steering wheel band from your fabric.

Insert the steering wheel

5. Half the hem on one of the two long sides of your steering wheel; By falling back for the first time 1cm then a second time 1cm and prick along the withdrawal. If you have an overhead you can also make a rolled hem for the finishes of your steering wheel.

6. We are now going to frown the steering wheel, for this make two seams parallel to 0.8cm then 0.5cm from the edge of your second long side of the steering wheel by choosing on your sewing machine the longest point or about 4mm without making any Stop point at the start and end of your seam.

7. Pull on the threads aside to frown your fabric.

8. Place your steering wheel right background on the bottom of your front, pinning regularly to adjust the length of your steering wheel to your top.


9. Assemble the backpayer the bottom room of your front at your top previously sewn at your steering wheel. Pin regularly then make a seam 1cm along the edge.

10. Make a zigzag point or a overwhelming surfing along your seam for pretty finishes.

11. You now have an overview of the front of your top, make way for assembly!

12. Assemble place against the slides of the back and in front of your top, pinning and then by seam 1cm from the edge.

Carry out the facing

13. The facing is a piece of fabric that you assemble to your main fabric to make pretty finishes, generally at the level of the neck. Very simple to sew, this technique will allow you to make clean finishes for round and V -shaped bells.
To do this, take your boss pieces in front and back and then delve a strip 8cm wide along the neckline of your pieces as indicated on the diagram.

14. You now have your two back and in front facials. Place these two pieces on the fold of your fabric right place and cut your rooms by adding 1cm of seaming margin except on the fold.

15. Assemble your two facial pieces by shoulders 1cm from the edge.

16. Open your two assembled parts and make a seam in a zigzag point along the widest edge of your facing to prevent your fabric from getting tos.


17. Assemble your face to your top place against the place and pin very regularly then make a seam at 1cm.

18. Fear the sewing margins of your neck by making a small cut in the sewing margin every 1 to 2cm for a better rendering of the rounding of your neck. Return your facing to place it inside your top, you can help you iron to set up the neck. Come and make a point by hand in the sewing margin of the shoulders of the top and the facing to keep them together.

Assemble the top and make the finishes

19. Assemble the sides of your top while pinning from the bottom of the plug at the bottom of the top by sandwiching the side of your steering wheel, then make a seam at 1cm. You can make a seam at the zigzag point along your previous seam.

20. Help the hem of the armholes and the bottom of your top by folding twice 1cm and then seams along the withdrawal.

Your pretty steering wheel is now ready to put on!


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