The tutorial of the child teepee

Failing to offer a hut in the trees to Elsa's daughter, I gave her a teepee for less than 20 € (which says better!). I found a 3m coupon from Golden stars cotton sting perfect. And for it to be even clearer, I wrote you a diagram that corresponds to the 3 x 1.50 m coupon.


  • A coupon of 3 x 1.50 m stars
  • A coil of matching wire
  • 4 round sticks of 1.50 m (DIY store)
  • 1 1 m cord
  • Sewing equipment and a sewing machine



1 - Reproduce the diagram on the back of the coupon. Use a wooden meter is easier. Do not hesitate to push the furniture to settle on the floor. Tipi sticks will help you make long straight lines.

2 -Decouper the 3 large triangles and the 2 small triangles.

3 - pin a and b from the top of the 2 small triangles by 40cm, place against the place and sewing. On the remaining 95 cm making a hem. We have the opening.

4 - Pin the 3 large triangles towards against and sew: J+E and F+G. Then pin and sew always against against i+d and h+c.

5 - At this stage you have all the sewn triangles that form the teepee.

6 - pin and sew a hem of 0.5 at the top of the teepee

7 - Then pin and sew the 4 heights of the large triangles against the place at 3.5cm over the entire height. Check that your sticks slip well into the gutter thus formed.

8 - pin and sew at the bottom of the teepee a hem of 1 cm so the gutters will be closed so that your sticks are maintained.

9 -All you have to do is pierce your sticks 15 cm from one ends.

10 - Slide your 4 sticks in each of the gutters.

11 - Pass the cord in the 4 holes of the sticks and do several laps to finish with a knot.

12 - Place your teepee and stabilize all the sticks,


All you have to do is install a cozy carpet and pretty cushions. It gives me ideas for next DIY!


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chrystau September 17, 2023

Les images ne sont pas visibles.
Est-ce que vous pourriez faire le nécessaire ?
Merci d’avance.
Julie Hérault

Hérault May 08, 2023

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