Meeting with DP Studio around the couture of the knot skirt

Today we are behind the scenes of our collaboration with the DP Studio brand around the Couture kit of the knot skirt.

We lent ourselves to the interview game. How did this project emerged? Why ? What are the little secrets, we tell you everything! And we bet that you will completely crack for this model of NOOD Skirt 100% Silk Silk Blue Gross.

  1. How was the meeting with Saint-Pierre coupons?

We used to buy our fabrics from Saint-Pierre coupons for a long time and then during our first creation and know-how fair, Elsa spotted a model made with one of these fabrics in silk speckled. It therefore appeared obvious that we had to do something together. Our two skills are complementary and the sewing kit came very naturally.

We also started from the observation that not everyone had haberdashery nearby and that it was great to offer a "ready-to-coudre" kit with all equipment.

The sewing kit contains:

-The fabric:

1m50 of our wonderful Jean's 100% Gross blue speckled silk.

-The haberdashery:

- 1 m blue lining
- 1 invisible zip 20 cm blue
- 1 coil of thread 150m blue
- 1 skirt hook

-The boss :

- Boss DP Studio from size 36 to 48, with the sewing values ​​included

- Mounting range

All for € 34.90

The level of this model is intermediate / confirmed


2. Why this fabric?

At the start, we bought this fabric coupon for the material in the Saint-Pierre square store because it was surprising. She was in jeans and I hadn't necessarily seen that it was silk.

I like the contrast between the brut of the jeans and the luxurious aspect of silk. It's a bit unexpected as a mixture.

So everything started from the fabric and not the model. As a general rule, creators start from the material. They ask themselves the question: "I have this material. Or can I take it?".

The difficulty in succeeding a model lies in this association of choice of fabric compared to the model. What is important is the appreciation of the fall, the rendering, the roundness of the fabric.


3. Why this model?

We have chosen to create a node skirt because it has a technicality. It is easy to wear but with a fantasy that makes it original, different. Depending on the material we choose, she will have a completely different look. With a more silky fabric it gives him a sophisticated style. And with a raw material it gives a more relaxed appearance. The knot brings the little touch of originality.

It can be made short but you should not reduce too much because part of the node is encrusted in the skirt. We can densify the knot too if you want. There are possibilities but be careful not to make too many changes.

On the model there is a work of pliers inside and folds on the node to create volume.


4. In which other fabrics or prints can we imagine?

It is difficult to talk about material because what is important is touch, the density of the fabric. For me you have to touch it, appreciate it with your hands. For this skirt it takes a fabric that is maintained. If we want the node to be substantial we will go to a fabric with roundness. If we turn to a flatteen fabric it will be less, will be more discreet. You have to touch, touch and touch the fabric.

For the print everything is possible. You can do it in a Japanese fabric a bit like the bombers that we saw a lot this winter. The rendering will be very sharp.

But if you choose satin you need a frame, an important outfit.

A blogger made her as Wales and it was also very pretty.


5. How long have you launched DP Studio?

We presented the brand for the first time at the 2016 creation and know-how fair. We really launched the site in February 2017.

Before we have been selling flat cutting techniques since March 2015.

I am at the base artist I made the union room and I worked in fashion houses as a stylist.

Then came the creation of my own brand before returning to teaching at the union chamber. This is when the books are developed on the technique.

Launching your brand is not so easy and with the advent of DIY we felt that we had our place. We know the garment we know what we are talking about.

The DP Studio bosses are sold at the international level: in Australia, Germany or even in Japan.



So ready to sew Your knot skirt girls ?



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