Tutorial Tuileries bag

To start gently prepare for the summer season, theSaint Peter coupons offers you to make a small round and original shopping bag with its effiloche steering wheel! Ideal for beginners or more experienced seamstresses with a quick and easy to carry out project in 1:30 with little equipment. We have already made this tutorial a few months ago, but today we offer you an even more colorful and bigger bag !!

Let yourself be guided and create your new tuileries which will be your essential for this summer :)



  • 1m of lemon printed cotton, 3 meters at 12 €
  • A cotton bag strap € 4.99
  • 0.5m of white farmhouse white
  • A box of pins
  • One meter tape of seamstress
  • Iron
  • 1 coil of wires matching your fabric
  • A pair of scissors
  • A sewing machine



1- Draw on your fabric a circle of 60 cm in diameter, (30 cm in diameter), using a string and a wooden pencil or a tail tail. Then cut the top of the circle to obtain a 40cm line that will correspond to the opening of your bag.

2- Cut 4 times the circle shape swapped in your fabric, then twice in your thermocol. Then cut a band of 6cm x 130cm for the steering wheel.


3- Using your iron, heat up two truncated fabric circles with your thermocol.


 Building the steering wheel

4- Make a seam at 0.5cm all along the largest side of your steering wheel as well as the two small sides. This seam will allow us to block the effilochage of the edges of the steering wheel.

5- Gently shoot the wires on the edge of the fabric to lash the edges without removing the previous seam.

6- Make two parallel seams with a widest possible point without stopping point, then pull on the wires to frown the steering wheel.

7- pin the steering wheel on one of the two previously heat-saved circles. Then make a seam 1cm from the edge. Gently remove the gathered threads using a desire.

Bag assembly

8- pin down the two heat-legged circles, then make a seam 1cm from the edge. Do the same with the other two non -thermocolée circles, leaving an opening of 5cm to turn the bag over.

9- For the rounding of your bag to be regular, notch all around your circles assembled every 2cm up to 1mm from the edge of the seam.

10- Cut two straps 70cm long for the handles. Put the bag with the ruffles at the place, and slide the lining against the place. Pin the top of the bag by inserting the handles between the two bags 5cm on both sides. Make a seam 1cm from the edge all around.

Turn the bag over with the opening in the lining, then come and sew by hand to close the opening.


Bravo you have made the Tuileries bag! Do not hesitate to share your achievements with us! On Instagram with the #Lesouponsdesaintpierre or @lesouponsdesaintpierre :))




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