My velvet notebook cover

Ah, the notebooks. For many people, including me is a great passion. We collect them and then we never use them. We just want to use them to note important things. But we have a whole small notebook, not very pretty, a little hidden on the shelf. And today it's time to transform this ugly duckling into a magnificent swan!

Here we offer you a super easy and quick tutorial that will make you want to customize lots of things in your home! So it's up to the coverage of a velvet notebook!

Stationery :

Step 1: Cut and stick your pieces:

The size of the cover will depend on the size of your notebook.

1. Start by measuring your notebook and add 5 cm for the flap, but also to have a room for maneuver during the cutting stage.

2. Draw on the back of the fabric a rectangle corresponding to the extent that you have taken in the previous step and cut. Be careful, fine velvet is a fluid fabric that can be slippery.

3. Iron the pre -cut rectangles on the back.

4. Then put your notebook in the middle of your velvet piece. Now make a slit at the level of the slice to mark the middle of it.

5. All you have to do is cut the corners and fold them down to check that you like the end result.

6. Now that your piece of velvet is ready you just have to fix it to your notebook. I advise you to start first by the way (because if there is a defect on the first try it is better that it is behind). Once the two covers, as well as the slice, glued you just have to fix the flaps inside your notebook.

Step 2: The two -tone notebook:

This step concerns people wishing to make two -color coverage. For more clarity in these explanations, I would use the color of the fabric to qualify the pieces.

7. Start by cutting, in your brown fabric, a triangle whose height corresponds to half of your blanket. Then put brown on the back of your golden tissue and mark the corners of it. Remove your brown fabric and clean the angles you have marked. Add 1 cm to the outside which will serve as sewing value. Then cut your golden piece.

8. Assemble your two pieces with a straight seam at 1 cm.

9. All you have to do is follow the steps explained previously to fix your cover!

And here you have finished your pretty notebook cover. As usual if you do this tutorial do not hesitate to share it on social networks with the hashtag #lesouponsdesaintpierre!

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