My knots mittens

Face the cold with class, making these gray and yellow mittens. This tutorial does not require a sewing pattern. Just use your hand as a size! Decline this model in the colors and textures you want.

Supplies : 

Step 1: Draw and cut your mittens:

  • Fold your boiled wool in half and place your hand flat on it. Draw the outline of your hand to chalk. You then get the shape of a mitte. Then make landmarks up to the phalanx of your little finger and at the nail for your thumb in order to obtain the mittens. Then repeat the same operation for your second hand.

  • Now fold your felt in half and draw a 12cm x 8cm rectangle. Cut your rectangle twice at the edge of the route you just made.
  • Cut your mittens by leaving 1 cm of seam on the sides and cutting at the edge on the top and the thumb.

Step 2: Assemble your pieces:

  • Pin the two sides of the mita, taking the Sandwich felt rectangle at the designated height. Repeat the same operation for the 2nd hand.

  • Assemble the two sides of your machine at the machine, with a straight seam 1cm from the edge. Once it turns over and go back your mittens.

Step 3: The felt knot:

  • Make an accordion in the center of the felt rectangle to form the knot. Then place a boiled wool fall in the center of it and take stock at the back.

And here are your mittens in boiled wool with knots are finished! Now free to choose the material in which to make these superb mittens. However, we advise you to favor hot materials. Even if these mittens are a great fashion accessory, they are still there to tarnish you hot! If you want to carry out this tutorial, do not hesitate to share it on social networks with the hashtag #lesouponsdesaintpierre!

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