My trendy jeans cover

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Stationery :

You find below the proportions of the patterns of this pretty pocket.

Step 1: Cut your pieces:

  • Position the different parts of the pattern on the fabric and cut according to the indications.
  • (Optional: if your fabric is a bit flexible you can also heat up your pieces so that the pocket is better.)

Step 2: Installation of the piping on the cover:

  • Place the piping on the place of the fabric, the "bead" opposed by the fabric. 
  • Place the second fabric (the room corresponds to the middle of the pocket) Place against the place. Prick all along the seam you just made to fix the piping, it is this line that serves as a landmark.
  • Repeat this step for the other side, so we get one side of the cover. Repeat this operation to carry out the second face of the cover.

Step 3: Installation of the zipper:

  • Take one of the faces of your pocket and open the zipper.
  • Place, right place, closure, at the edge of the top of the cover. 
  • You just have to sew the other side of the closure, on the other side of the cover.

Step 4: Final assembly of the cover:

  • Leave the zipper open so that you can turn the cover.
  • Pin, place against the place, the faces of the cover, paying attention to the fittings, then assemble by a seam the sides and the bottom. 
  • All you have to do is return everything!

Step 5: Finishes:

  • Start the angles and seams inside the pocket so that it can position itself well once returned. 

And here is your zipped jeans pocket is finished. If you realize this tutorial do not hesitate to share it on social networks with the hashtag #lesouponsdesaintpierre.

You can make this cover in a lot of different materials, we decided to do it again in a pretty green suede with a nice silver piping.