My portable suede case

The Christmas holidays have been over for 2 months and your brand new phone is still not broken? Congratulations, but as zero risk does not exist, today we offer a simple tutorial to protect your precious smartphone. With this case made of suede and two different colors you can personalize for phone almost endlessly! 

Supplies :

For this tutorial we provide you with the boss, however I invite you to check the measurements and adapt them if necessary for your own phone.

Portable Swedish case pattern

Step 1: Cut your pieces: 

  • Position the different parts of the pattern on the fabric and cut according to the indications.


Step 2: fix the thermocollant: 

  • Thermocoly the 3 pieces of your boss.

Step 3: assemble your pieces:

  • Assemble the 3 -room backpack, ensuring that the coral part is sandwiched between the two brown parts. Once sewn it will be placed in the 1st plan.

You just have to return your case and voila! If you want to make this tutorial do not hesitate to share it with us on social networks with the hashtag #lesouponsdesaintpierre!

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