My interior kimono

After the Kimono Top, then the traditional kimono, today we offer you the interior kimono. Easy to make and elegant the kimono is the room to have in your wardrobe. Here we offer you a simple model with a cotton belt. You can make it in different prints and with different lengths.

Stationery :

Step 1: Cut your fabric:

  • First fold your printed pancake fabric.
  • Then postpone the temporary measurements presented below. Pin.


  • Then only cut the sleeves and the side (do not touch the fold). Remove the pins and unfold your piece.
  • Now draw the neckline in symmetry in relation to the middle before. Cut the front and the neckline in the back on your back.

Step 2: Assemble your pieces:

  • Start by preparing the hemoles of the sleeves with an iron, by making 2 small folds of 1cm + 1 cm and fix them with the machine with a right bite.
  • Then assemble the sides by making an English seam (a seam on the top at 0.5 cm, returned, ironed, then a seam on the back at 1cm).

Step 3: fix the bias:

  • For this step you will make a wide bias to dress the neck and the front of the kimono. Start by cutting a strip, in the tissue, 12 cm wide for 1.70m long. Then fold it with an iron of 3 cm on the edges, and fold it in half. Mark this fold with an iron.

  • Place the bias at the edge, on the front like a classic bias.
  • Then mark, with an iron, a hem at the bottom of the jacket (1cm + 1cm), then fix the bias with a straight seam with the sewing machine.

Step 4: Finishes:

  • For the length of the kimono, you can sew it at your convenience. For this one, we preferred a longer model.
  • To create your belt, you just have to trace on your plain cotton, a rectangle 10 cm wide for 150 cm in length. Then fix a place on the side on the side. Then turn everything over and sew on the ends to close the belt.

Now you just have to wear your superb kimono at home. Know that it can be very pretty open like a jacket to wear outside. If you like this kimono and you plan to make it do not hesitate to share your creation on social networks with the hashtag #lesouponsdesaintpierre!


Achei lindo , vou tentar fazer um , sou principiante , obrigada

Laurie Lima September 01, 2023

Pourrais-je connaître la hauteur pour ce modèle ?

MAYERAU June 02, 2023

Le patron semble avoir des manches courtes, et le modèle des manches longues : ?

huet March 25, 2023

Le patron semble avoir des manches courtes, et le modèle des manches longues : ?

huet March 25, 2023

ça a l’air si facile d’après vos explications ! je me demande si je réussirai !

Indhira March 06, 2023

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