My poncho in fringes

Ah, finally February, the shortest month of the year, but also one of the coldest. It is also the month of love and romanticism. But in addition to romanticism today it is the chilly / chilly we think. Today we offer you a superb poncho all in woolen to keep you warm. You can also carry out this tutorial in a more or less thick wool, depending on if you want to wear this poncho at home or outside. Go, we get our hands out of the mittens and attack!

Stationery :

This tutorial does not require patterns or patterns

Step 1: Cut your fabric

  • Cut 1.5 m from your fabric. Then fold the diagonal for a first time, then a second time on the middle.
  • In the corner of your fabric, mark on each side, starting from the angle, a line to 10 cm. Join these two brands. You should get a 10cm x 16cm x 10 cm triangle. You can cut this piece.

Step 2: Sew the poncho:

  • The neck : Overcome the top of the collar to prevent the fabric from getting fucked. If you do not have an overhead you can just make a zig-zag point with your sewing machine.
  • The bottom : 10cm from the bottom, make a straight seam on the whole tour of your poncho. Remember to make your stop at the start and end of the seam.
  • The additional band: Surrender throughout the 10 cm strip to prevent the fabric from getting tos. If you do not have an overhead you can just make a zig-zag point with your sewing machine. Then seam throughout your overlock in a right point.

Step 3: Create the fringes:

  • Bottom fringes: Using a break quickly, create your fringes by removing the weft son.
  • Middle -fried fringes: Repeat the same operation to create your fringes in the middle.

Step 4: Finishes:

  • Pin the gang of fringes in the alignment of the collar at the desired height on the poncho, against the place. All you have to do is do a straight stitching all along by doing your stopping point at first and at the end.

And here is the turn is played, you have finished your hyper trendy hippie poncho! If you want to make this tutorial, do not hesitate to share it on social networks with the hashtag #lesouponsdesaintpierre!


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