We tested the Lurex side edges

This season, the sweatshirt is ultra trendy oversize or girly version! Easy to sew and accessible to everyone, the soft sweatshirt is easily sewn to make hot and cozy creations for the whole family for the fall.


the sweatshirt get married perfectly with coast edges Fantasy with Lurex glitter or golden graphics strips. We love the original touch that the side edges bring to the sweatshirt! To reveal the new collection of coast edges of Saint Peter coupons, we made a trendy sweatshirt and we have listed all our advice for sewing sweatshirt without being afraid. Let yourself be guided and make way for seam!

Our advice for sewing the sweatshirt and the coast edge

  • Rest assured the overhead is not compulsory! You can sew the sewing machine by selecting the stretch or elastic point that looks like a little flash to keep the elasticity of your coast edge
  • Use a Jersey or stretch needle (80 to 90 maximum) so as not to create a hole
  • For pretty finishes, you can also use a double needle that will allow you to surprise with two parallel seams as in the trade
  • The sweatshirt fabric does not decide, so there is no need to make a zigzag point to surfing the edges of your seams.
  • Do not forget to wash your sweatshirt fabric before sewing it in a machine at 30 °, as it can possibly shrink a little.

The side edge can be presented in different forms.

  • Strip side :
    First of all, there is our Lurex-strip side edge, which you find in a 7cm high package on 110cm long. This strip can allow you to make sleeveless and lower body for a sweatshirt in a maximum size 40, or sleeve and a round teddy jacket.

The side edge in tubular form is sold per meter with a diameter of 35cm wide. It allows you to sew the bottom of the sleeve, the lower body of a sweatshirt and jackets. Ideal for adapting the height you want for your handle cuffs for example.



Standard Oeko-Tex certification 100

In addition to being ultra trendy and with a Lurex touch, our new collection of Co-Co-Co-Côte is certified Ouko-Tex Standard 100. It is an international control and certification system on harmful substances in textiles. It makes it possible to certify the non-toxicity of textiles and dyes, it therefore avoids harmful substances. Rather, it is used for textiles that do not come from organic farming.

How to sew a handle bracelet at the edge edge

To put to the test the new collection of Co-Côte des Saint Peter coupons, we made a classic sweatshirt with a girly touch using the striped Bordeaux Fuchsia and gold associated with Rose Fuchsia minkee sweatshirt.

To start, choose the sweatshirt boss of your choice. We have chosen for the model of Burda boss n ° 6406: hooded sweatshirt, made in its simplest version without hood.

Assemble your sweatshirt

Follow your boss's instructions to assemble the front, back and sleeves of your sweatshirt. You can also sew the neckline of your sweatshirt.

Sew the sleeve bracelets

1- Cut the sleeve bracelets into your side edge according to the length recommended in your pattern.

2- Assemble place against the sides of your coastline strip, taking care to align the lines of your pattern.

3- pin your handle bracelet at the bottom of your sweatshirt by aligning the interior seam of your sleeve with your handle bracelet assembly seam. Stretch your handle bracelet to match the length with your bottom to avoid the folds on your sweatshirt.

4- Make the assembly seam at the very fine zigzag point and gently stretching your handle bracelet at the edge.

Sew the bottom of the sweatshirt

In the same way, you can sew the bottom of your sweatshirt by cutting a long coastline strip according to your boss.
To help you uniformly distribute your band, mark the sides of half-coats of your sweatshirt and side edge.
Pin very regularly your band and make a seam at the zigzag point 1cm from the edge.

In an hour, here we are with a perfect sweatshirt to go warm while remaining trendy! Easy to sew and accessible to beginner seamstresses, the sweatshirt is the first ideal step towards making jersey sewing projects.

And now, you have your sweatshirt with its ultra trendy Lurex touch for fall!
Do not hesitate to send us your achievements in pictures or tag on social networks with the hashtag #lescouponsdesaintpierre



moi aussi je recherche le bord-côte que vous utilisez pour le tuto du sweat, lurex, bordeaux et fuschia. Est-il en rupture de stock ? Merci pour votre aide.

Capucine September 09, 2023

Je ne trouve pas les bords cotes rayés lurex sur le site
Est-ce que vous les avez ?
Merci de votre retour

Sylvie Volkmer August 03, 2023

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