Custo / Macramé lace sleeves

Lace is a must of our wardrobe this season again! It is available in multiple colors to make dresses, skirts, blouses and tops that play with transparency. Chic and daily, lace adds a touch of sophistication to your outfit throughout the year.


We have selected one of our scalloped macrame lace Saint Peter's coupons, ideal for customizing a part of your dressing room. This week, we give you the trick to add lace sleeves to your too simple cotton t-shirt. The tutorial is accessible to beginners and very little equipment is necessary to make in 30 minutes time a trendy customization! Let yourself be guided and make way for seam!




  Create your round pattern

1. Measure the armhole of your t-shirt as well as the sleeve length you want to obtain. Using the scheme and your measurements, you get the boss of your round. For example, our T-shirt in size M has a 38cm armhole and our model wishes to extend the 42cm sleeves (+1cm of sewing value). The width of the wrist depends on your desires, we left on a classic width of 23cm (+2cm of sewing value).

2. Cut your sleeve owner twice into your lace fabric, placing the bottom of your sleeve on the bottom of the scallop lace.

  Assemble your sleeves

3. Fold on the right place in the width of your sleeve, then pin all along the sleeve.

4. Make a seam 1cm from the edge and do the same with the other handle.

5. Place your T-shirt's armhole and your sleeve, pin and seam along the armhole.

6. Do the same with the other round.

You don't need to make a sleeve hem because your scalloped lace will not be faked! You have finished your lace top!

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