Tutorial: Simple little dress

Looking for the chic and original little dress? We have the perfect boss for you!


To reveal the pattern of the dress we offer you, we have tested it in preview! Discover the dress in a version in United Microfiber tendency. Ideal to also make with Printed microfibers, them crepes , them silk satins or one printed polyester satin. The pattern is accessible to intermediate seamstresses and available from size 36 to 50. We fall for the pretty falling collar and the bottom liquette of this everyday dress!





Find all the detailed explanations on the pattern of the dress and a summary below to help you during the making.

 Cutting and assembly of the dress

1- Form the pliers, go and iron them by sleeping them down.

2- Surface the shoulders and sides, then assemble the shoulders and sides of the dress. Iron by opening the seams with an iron.


 Sleeve assembly

3- Assemble place against the side of the sleeves. Surfile the bottom of the sleeves and fall back 3cm before sewing on the withdrawal to make the hem of the sleeves.

4- Epingzing place against the place each of the sleeves to the body of the dress by making the marks coincide.

Collar assembly

5- Close the collar by bringing the two ends for a seam at 1cm, then open the seam with an iron.

6- Assemble the neck with the neck with a dress neck, making the middle of the pass coincide with the middle back of the dress. Then cut the sewing margin at 0.7cm and iron the seam sleeping against the collar.

7- Make a 0.5cm withdrawal on the free edge of the collar, then come and pin it along the base of the collar, keeping it by a hand seam at the glid point.

 Creation of the bottom of the Liquette dress dress

8- Assemble the two small sides of the back and in front of 1cm facing sammers then open the seams with an iron.

9- Assemble the somersaults at the bottom of the dress following the landmarks.

10- Crust the rounds, then turn the facilities back on the back and go back to flatten the facilities. Make a bite 5cm from the bottom of the dress following the rounded to maintain the facing.
Your pretty dress is ready to be put on to impress your friends!

The boss test

The dress is chic with its small fluid neck and fitted cut. It can be worn in evening version with beautiful thin shoes and a small golden belt, or more casual with boots and a small jacket. The details of its small sleeves, its collar and its Liquette shape make it an original and current boss that you can decline according to your desires in size 36 at size 50.

Ideal to make in united or printed microfibers, viscose, or satin pancake, this pretty dress will adapt to your desires!

The tips for sewing fine and fluid fabrics

  • Use extrafine pins or small plastic pliers to delight your dress and thus avoid forming holes that will mark on the fabric
  • Use a microfiber or extra fine (70 maximum) needle so as not to pour the fabric
  • Uilize an starch bomb to stiffen your fabric before cutting it. You just have to wash your dress before wearing it.
  • Use a rotary cutter on a cutting board to have a more precise cut of your boss's parts.

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Votre patron de robe toute simple m’interessse ; comment faire pour l’obtenir ? Suffit-il de commander du tissu ?
Laurence DEVAUX

DEVAUX June 27, 2023

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