An easy dress for the holidays

TIC TAC ... TIC TAC ... The holiday season is approaching and this is the perfect opportunity to dress on your 31! For that nothing better than a little party dress. So to prepare you this year, we decided to make a simple and accessible tutorial to sew your easy and chic little dress!


Silk velvet, such a soft, fluid and very pleasant material will be perfect for your party dress. Saint Peter's coupons offer a whole selection of silk velvet Of very good quality, to sew a dress, or a festive skirt. For this new tutorial, we have concocted a very easy -to -sew party dress with an elastic size and a V neckline that you can wear in front or on your back!
Let yourself be guided, and make way for sewing!




1. Cut two fabric rectangles of 70cm x 90cm for a size 38/40. You can add 1cm all around for each size above and 1cm less for each size below.

2. Take one of the two rectangles that will be the back of your dress, and fold it in half in the width. Cut a triangle with a side of 12.5cm side and 25cm high, to create your V neckline in the back.

 Creation of facilities

3. Take a fall in your fabric, fold it in half to create your facilities. Cut once again on the fold, a 12.5cm triangle and 25cm high, then cut an 8cm strip along this triangle, which will become your back facing.

4. To create your front facing, take your fabric to the fold and cut a light rounded 3cm deep and 12.5cm wide, then cut a strip of 8cm along this rounding.

5. You now have a V -back fac and a slightly rounded in front. Assemble the facilities by the shoulder seam on the place.

6. Open the seams with an iron and surfing the outer round of the facilities.

 Dress assembly

7. Position your back and your front of a dress and make a seam 1cm from the edge by 23cm for the shoulders and sides from 25cm from the top (to leave an opening for the arms) to the bottom of the dress.

8. Position your facing place against the collar. Spin and make a seam 1cm from the edge all along the neck. Sleeve your sewing margins every 1 to 2cm for a better rendering of the facing.


9. Return the facing against the back of your dress and plag the iron. You can also make a small seam on the shoulder seaming margins to maintain the facing inside.
Make the hems for the armholes and the bottom of the dress, withdrawing once 0.5cm then 1cm and sting along the withdrawal.

          Creation of a slide

 10. Measure and pin your bias open 40cm high from the shoulders. Take your time to pin off without taking the fabric below and stay straight compared to your dress.

 11. Make a seam on both edges of the bias, taking care to leave an opening to slide the elastic.

 12. Using a dinner pin, insert the elastic in the slide, adjust the size of the elastic on your silhouette, then seam to close the elastic.

Your evening dress is ready to impress your friends!

Which side are you going to wear your dress? In sexy cleavage mode on the front or wiser and surprised on the back?


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