My sweatshirt cushion

After the velvet cushion cover, we go on a slightly more urban style with the sweatshirt cushion. Perfect for adding a graphic touch to all interiors and completely customizable. We will repeat a lot of the stages of the Velvet cushion so if a step does not seem clear to you, we invite you to consult this article. So we left for a new cushion! 

Supplies : 

Step 1: Cut your pieces: 

  • For a 40cm x 40cm cushion (standard size), draw, on the back of your white cotton jersey, a 41cm x 95cm rectangle. For sweatshirt falls, trace the pieces presented on the traverse to the diagram below. Then cut your pieces.

sweatshirt cushion

Step 2: Sew the cotton jersey: 

  • Start by ironing the pre -cut rectangle.
  • Then make a hem on the two small sides of the white jersey, making a 1 cm setback. Mark this backhand with an iron and then prick it with the machine.
  • To form the cushion portfolio, just have the parts we have just sewed on each other, on the back, and check that we have 40 cm on one side like the 'other.

Step 3: Place the sweatshirt falls: 

  • Before finalizing your cushion, you have to place your sweatshirt falls.
  • Start by sewing your two pieces together. Assemble the diagonal line of your two pieces by a straight seam 1cm from the edge.
  • Then place this piece on the jersey cushion. Be careful that it was well placed inside and that the two flaps, which form the wallet, cover the front.
  • Then attach your song to sweatshirt with a stitching over the whole turn of this song.

Step 4: Finishes: 

  • Pin the whole tour of the cushion, on the sides of the right place, then make a straight seam 1 cm from the edge.
  • Also go back and forth at the openings so that the seams do not get off.
  • Then turn the cover and iron your flat seams.

We hope you liked this tutorial. If you liked it or have any questions, don't hesitate to leave us a comment. If you want to make this tutorial do not hesitate to share it with us on the networks with the hashtag #lesouponsdesaintpierre!


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