A baby bib

This week we offer you an easy and very soft tutorial for very young people. We show you how to make and especially customize a bib for your baby. You can choose different fabrics, colors and patterns, as well as different decorations to customize your baby's bib.

Stationery :

Step 1: Draw your boss:

  • On your kraft paper sheet, draw a 35cm x 35cm rectangle. Then draw rounded angles and the neck, as presented below, to give the shape of a bib.
  • Then draw, always on Kraft paper, a Claudine pass or a tie, which will decorate your bib.

Step 2: Cut the base:

  • Start by pining the boss of the bib on the fabric. Cut this pattern 1 time in your cotton dive and 1 time in your sponge fabric, leaving 1 cm of couture around it.

  • Then cut your decorations twice in your printed cotton, leaving 1cm of sewing all around your pieces.
  • At the end of this step you should end up with 2 basic pieces, 2 ties or 2 Claudine passes.

Step 3: Assemble your pieces:

  • Start by assembling the place against your Claudine pass, or your tie. Make a straight bite 1cm from the edge, leaving the top of your open piece. Return this piece and iron the seams to have a nice result.
  • Then put in sandwich, between the sponge fabric and the cotton dive, your col / tie. Then pin your whole bib and make a straight seam 1 cm from the edge all around. However, remember to leave an opening of about 5cm so that it can return it.

Step 4: Finishes:

  • Now go back your bib and iron the property flat.
  • All you have to do is close the opening we left with one point in hand.
  • Attach the press button.

Bravo for finishing this nice decorated baby bib. If you are not a fan of the Claudine pass or the tie, know that you can customize this bib infinite. For example we have chosen to make a third with a owl pattern. If this tutorial has you no longer hesitate to share it on the networks with the hashtag #lesouponsdesaintpierre!


Très beau bavoir

ANGELE TATLOT February 11, 2024


ANGELE TATLOT February 11, 2024

Je commande pour la première fois. J espère ne pas être déçu.

ANGELE TATLOT February 11, 2024

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