A Bob Vendôme

The bob, the Far accessory for several years already. We can see it during fashionweekend On the podiums of the biggest fashion houses, or at Monsieur and Madame everyone. It is an accessory that I consider essential and which has been part of the fashion world for decades now.Originally, the BOB held its name from the soldiers of the American army.These were nicknamed the “Roberts” which gave the bobs over time. 


You know that regularly on the coupons of Saint-Pierre, we receive products from the house ofHaute couture. Well today, I show you what it is possible to do with these magnificent materials.Today, it is a chevron effect fabric made up of cotton and silk that will be the star of this article. And I told myself that to change the clothes a bit today we will make a bob together. And given the current weather a hat to protect yourself from the rain will not be too much!

Stationery :

Step 1: Cut your pieces

1. The manufacture of the boss of a bob being quite long and at times complicated, I told myself that I was going to offer you ready-made patterns that you can download and print thanks to the link below:

Boss of the Bob Vendôme

2. These patterns are based on the head lap of my model, which is 57 cm. If your head turn is very far from this measure, here are some ways to modify the size of this boss. For the named boss Part B,Just reduce or increase the length of the band on each side of it to keep the curve. For the Part C, Increase or reduce the strip of the same measure as for the Part B.

3. For the part aYou can trace a circle commensurate with your head tower. To do so you have to divide your head round by 3.14 to obtain the diameter of the circle. For example, for the bob to be as I model, I did the following calculation: 57 cm (its head turn) / 3.14 = 18.2 cm, and for a question of ease I rounded up this measure to 19 cm.

And to save you even more time, here is a table with the different head towers and the diameter of the circle with ease:

4. pin your patterns on your fabric folded in half and cut (the seam values ​​are already included in the patterns). Cut it part a 2 times, the Part B 4 times and the Part C 4 times too.

At the end of this step you should end up with 10 songs.

Step 2: Assembly:

5. Start by assembling the B parts together on the sides and iron these open seams (1). Then them parts a and B together (2).

6. Then assemble the C parts by the side to form 2 circles and iron these open seams (3). Then assemble the outside of these two circles 1 cm from the edge (4).

7. Return and iron this seam. To give robustness to your Part C, make a stitching every 1 cm starting at the edge of it (1).

8. Take one of the sewn parts at theStep 5 And fix it to your flap, it will become the outside of your hat (2). Then repeat the same operation for the interior of your bob, leaving an opening of 12 cm to be able to return it (3).

9. Now iron the seams between the flap and the top of your bob up (4).

10. Close the opening you left with a seam by hand on board.

11. All you have to do is make a small stitching above the seam between your flap and the top of the hat so that the bob is well in place.

And as usual I offer you a little photo shoot as well as an outdoor video of this pretty Bob Vendôme.


In coupons we love to see your achievements, even more when they are inspired by our work. So that you are as proud of the coupons as we do, here are the photos of the Bob Vendôme Couponets!