A wax coupon: 3 customizations

Wax is the big trend of summer. We see it everywhere and he gives us desires elsewhere. So we have prepared you 3 customizations to do with a 2,50m coupon and it will still have a small house. Go to your needles!

I customize a jeans jacket:

The jeans jacket is the multi-function jacket that we carry everywhere and all summer. We wanted to give him a little stroke of pep’s with a flat wax on the back.





1- Start by measuring the location or you want to put your wax. Here we have chosen to make a square of 34x34cm + 1.5cm of sewing margin by placing us just below the seam of the back.


2- Cut a square of 35.5 x 35.5cm

3- Iron hem

Placement :

4 - pin the fabric on the back of the jacket.

5. For the top and so that the fabric follows the seam well, readjust your pins.

6 - and prick

I customize a white top:

We all have in our dressing room a white top that we no longer wear or which is too short or stained or holes and well here is the solution! We make a top to Basque in less than an hour.


  • A white top
  • A coupon of wax
  • A sewing machine
  • Sewing equipment (a flat rule and a good pair of scissors)
  • A pencil to mark
  • Pins

Prepare the T-shirt

1-Pass the T-shirt and prick a pin where you want to place your Basque.

2. Cut the top.

Prepare the Basque

3. Cut a strip corresponding to the T-shirt X 2 tower (1.60m) and a desired height (here 30cm) + 1cm.

You can readjust the height according to the desired rendering.

4. To make the excess of the Basque, put the longest point of your machine and prick 1cm from the edge without making a back point at the start and at the end. Leave 20cm of wire to be able to shoot on each side and make your gathers. Pull the wires on both sides to form the gathers. You will readjust the gathers on the T-shirt.


5- Hitting on the bottom and stinging the side to form a tube.

6-Place the Basque Place of the T-shirt against the Fabric Place and readjust the gathers.

7- Machine sting.

I make my laces

How to give a new blow to a simple pair of sneakers ?? With a pretty pair of wax lace of course!


  • A wax coupon
  • A sight
  • A sewing machine
  • The sewing requirement
  • From thread matching


1 - Cut a strip of 2cm over the entire layer of the coupon (about 1.20m)

2 - Fold in half (see diagram) Place on a place.

3 - Prick over the entire length of the band.

4 - Turn the band with a dinner pin planted on one end and slide it into the tube.

To do the tips

5 - Cut the ends (diagram) into an isocele triangle over 1 cm.

6 - Sew by hand by pricking at 1cm in the middle of the end.

7 - Wrap the wire around this end by tightening and alternating with bites in the center of this rolled up. When you arrive at the end, go back to the rolled up by taking up the same technique described previously.

And hop a touch of wax in my dressing room for € 10!

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