The jeans apron perfect for Fathers Festival!

Because the apple pie from my dad and its potatoes are worthy of the greatest chefs, I share with you its Father's Day gift, a jeans apron. No need to adjust the suspenders or make a knot, the apron is filled with its crossed straps. The jeans ofSaint Peter coupons is raw thick enough to give modernity but with a gentle effect brought by a little polyester.



  • A 3 -meter coupon of jeans
  • A wire coil matching
  • Sewing equipment and a sewing machine


1-Deposit of pieces of fabric

  • Reproduce the pattern to the dimensions indicated
  • Mark the boss with chalk on the back of the fabric
  • Cut the pieces of fabric: the side, the back and the strap cut in twice.

Assemble the apron

2 - Make the suspenders

  • Hellet with an iron on the 2 lengths of the suspenders.
  • Fold in half and prick the strap on the two lengths at 0.4cm.

3- The back

  • Make a hem over 1 cm on the right height of the back and prick.

4 - Assemble the suspenders on the back

  • Make a hem in the upper back and pin.
  • Slide the straps into the hem and pin.
  • Prick the strap at the hem.
  • Fold the suspenders in the other direction and prick over the entire length of the hem (including the strap).

5 - The sides

  • Hem, pin and prick the bevel on the side
  • Cut the excess tips into the alignment of the height

6 - Assemble the sides at the front of the apron

  • Place the longest height on the side against towards the front with the front and pin.
  • Prick at 0.5cm.
  • Fold and pin right back place the front and the side.
  • Bringing, so you get a hem on the back.
  • Cut the front over 1cm above this bite.
  • Hem and pin the side of the front up to the top.


7 - Make a hem at the top of the front and prick

8 - Make a 6 cm flap on front on the front line.

  • Prick the flap on the sides and cut the corners.
  • Turn the flap back to the place

9 - Place the suspenders

  • Pass the suspenders under the flap by crossing and pinning them.
  • Prick on the width of the flap to fix the straps.

10 -Rabetate the suspenders and pin

  • Prick on the width of the flap at the top to keep the suspenders.

11 - Finishes:

  • Prick the hem on the side of the flap.
  • Finish with a 3 cm hem at the bottom of the apron.
  • Cut the wires.

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