A jacquard tote bag

Zoom on the new collection of woven jacquard square composed of cotton and polyester, ideal for dressing its interior with cushions with various patterns!


Discover the 47cm x 47cm jacquard squares To make decorative elements, but also accessories like bags! Birds, cats, dogs, traditional patterns with a rooster, or more creative with Frida Kahlo or Marilyn Monroe… There is something for everyone at Saint Peter's coupons ! For the occasion, we have prepared you a very simple tutorial and accessible to beginners to sew a tote bag with two jacquard squares for a double -sided effect! Choose your favorite patterns and in less than an hour, you get a very practical new bag!
You can play on the patterns and color of the handles of your bag, for a 100% personalized result.




  1. Position place against your two 47cm x 47cm jacquard squares by the 3 sides, then make a seam at 1cm and finish by surfing with a zigzag point to prevent the fabric from getting tos.
  2. Make the hem from the top of the bag, folding twice 1cm, then sew on the edge of the withdrawal.
  3. Cut 80cm twice for the handles. Pin each end to 11cm on each side, withdraw 2cm under the edge of the strap.
  4. Make a seam to form a square with a cross inside to keep the handles on the bag.
    Your bag is ready for a shopping session!



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