How to buy fabric online?


Step 1: Make sure that the fabric corresponds to your sewing pattern

What type of fabric is necessary for my project? Heavy fabric? Thick ? Elastic ? … What is the visual rendering I want? (color, pattern, fall).

Reminder: The best material to start is simply cotton. It is an easy to handle, solid material that resists couture touch -ups. It is also relatively economical the 3 meters at 15th. You can also work linen, mixed linen/cotton or wool to start easily

Step 2: Be attentive to descriptions: everything is done to help you

Understanding the characteristics of the fabrics and their differences, we try to give maximum information so that you can get an idea of ​​the fabric, in the product sheet of our fabrics, we tell you:

  • The composition of the fabric with the different percentages, if the fabric has elastane it can facilitate your seam
  • The weight in GR/m, we therefore measure the weight per meter of the fabric, if you want to know the weight of 3 meters you multiply by 3; The weight of the fabric allows you to define its thickness.
  • Then, you have the footage of the fabric the length and the width, for us the length is 3 meters, but you also have the fabric per meter, then you have the width called La Laize, it is generally 140-150 m because We specialize in furnishings. You must therefore always check the length for your works.
  • We tell you the color, but also what is the pattern of the fabric
  • We give you some inspirations on what you can do with the fabric, but also tips like needle you can use.
  • We tell you how to maintain the fabric with pictograms.

Regarding the photos, we do everything so that you can imagine the fabric:

  • There is a first photo with the pattern
  • One or the fabric is turned in order to see how it is movement
  • A photo with the rule when there is a pattern so that you can realize the size of the flower for example

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