Tutorial large quilted shopping bag





Prepare the half-game on a kraft sheet according to the indications by placing it on the folded fabric.

It's trendy !

How to make a nice quilted bag?

1/ Cut 2 pieces of printed fabric and 2 of united fabric according to the template

2/ PositionNer the 2 pieces of fabric printed on the heat -sealed fleece (backwards on sticky side) and go to iron

3/ Rediscover cleanly around 2 forms

4/ fold in 2 on the height each piece and notch with scissors to mark the middle

5/ Draw a line in the height to mark the environment

6/ At the right point prick all along the line, then on one side every centimeter on each side by spotting with the foot pressure

7/ Fold on the back of each 1.5 cm printed coupon pin and sew alongside(Put photo 7 or 7bis)


8/ Cut two strips of printed fabric of 12 cm by 28 cm.

9/ Place them on the heat -upside down fleece on sticky face and go to iron.

10/ Fold in 2 on the height place on the place, pin and sew along the right point. Go back.

11/ Fold on 1 cm each end inside and prick at the right point each edge of handles 2.3 mm from the edge.

12/ Pink a handle on the top of a part printed 12 cm from the ends and 8 cm from the top.

13/ Sew the handles by making a rectangle then a cross in it to fix them to the body of the future shopping bag.

14/ Then carry out the same operation on the other coupon with the 2nd handle.

15/ Pink each handle on the body of the room so as not to be embarrassed for assembling the bag.

16/ Superimpose the printed parts in place and sew the right point together the sides and the bottom

17/ In order to obtain this bottom corner this.

18/ Open these corners to fold up on themselves, pin and sew.

19/ To mark the shape of the shopping bag, pin the angles on the sides like this.

20/ Sew these angles on the height 2 mm from the edge.

21/ We get well drawn angles!

22/ With the 2 coupon of plain fabric, make the lining by reproducing stages 16, 17, 18.

23/ Fold the top edge to 1, 5 cm on the back and iron. Place in the bag and pin the top together.

24/ Sew together at the right point.

And There you go !!!

Thank you for following this tutorial! And I invite you to share your creations on social networks with the hashtag #lesouponsdesaintpierre


See you soon

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