My colorful envelope cover

At the beginning of the month we offered you a day bag to go and lounge in the sun. Well today we suggest that you make with us the bag that will accompany you in all your summer celebrations. It is an pretty easy and above all very quick pocket to sew, with a very summer pattern!

Stationery :

Step 1: Cut your pieces:

  • Start by postponing the dimensions written on the pattern below, on the back of your fabric. Once traced, cut your pieces, leaving 1 cm of seam margin all around.


Step 2: Assemble your pieces:

  • First bend your fabric rectangle in half, right -of -way, letting 9cm exceed one of the sides. Once pinning make a straight seam 1cm from the edge.

Step 3: Installation of the bias:

  • Place your bias along one of the sides of the flap, right place, then make a straight seam.
  • Then fold your bias by following the traces of the already formed bias, then fold in half so that your fabric is sandwich between the two sides of the bias. Then bite the place to fix your bias.
  • Do the same for the other side of the flap.
  • Beware of the point, you have to leave a small surplus of bias, enter it and fold it to sew it with the rest.

Step 4: Finishes:

  • Make a little hem on the sides of the cover.

And now, you've finished this super simple but super chic pocket, perfect for your summer looks! If you decide to make this pocket yourself, do not hesitate to share it on social networks with the hashtag #lesoussaintpierre!

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