A chicken foot jacket with Madeinestel

Fall is there and the desire to sew a new seasonal wardrobe is being felt stronger. Wooking, shed, tweed, or woolen velvet, we fill up on woolen to prepare for more fresh temperatures.


To do this, we have given way to a shock guest, the Instagram that sews as quickly as it is talented, Estelle alias Madeinestel On networks! We really like her very modern universe, his sense of style and trends and its creativity that keeps surprising us. This is why, we have offered to exclusively carry out a tutorial with one of our woolen Saint Peter's coupons And to offer on the blog all the steps to design a pretty autumn jacket from a simple jacket pattern you already have. The tutorial is accessible to intermediate seamstresses or motivated beginners to sew the jacket in approximately 3 hours depending on the sewing experience.

Estelle takes control of the blog and offers you to let yourself be guided to make a trendy jacket to mix with your fall wardrobe!
Also find at the end of the article the interview with Estelle who shares with you all these little tips and her way of designing sewing!


Estelle autumn jacket tutorial



 Boss cutting

1. Adjust the 2 parts of the boss at the side of the armholes and position them on tissue paper.
Discallate so that the 2 parts only make one.


2. Fold your fabric in two places against the place and position your new back and front pattern linked to the fabric fold.

3. pin, then with a tailor of tailor draw a circle arc as in the photo below. Then cut.

4. Be careful to create a detection at the collar level, as indicated in the photo below.

5. Cut the 2 rounds, being careful to mark the bearings well thanks to your original boss.

6. To create a parment, to decal the top (halfway up the armholes) of the boss that you have just designed. There must be 2 sides of the front and 1 back.
See photo below.

7. Cut out the back and in front of the back and in front of the back facing once in the fold and the facing facing, twice.

 Assemble the jacket

8. Sew the place against the two sides at the shoulder level. Open the seams with an iron.

9. Sew the 2 sides of the sleeves.

10. Assemble the sleeves to the flavor of the jacket, taking care to follow the instructions and notches of your original boss.
Flatten the seams of the armholes outside.

11. Assemble the shoulders of the Parmenture then open the seams with an iron. Make a small hem of cleanliness on the bottom in front and back of the Parmenture.

12. Assemble the jacket and the parmenting together by pinning in the collar place against the place. Then sew the pass.
Return the Parmentation and form the collar with an iron.

13. Assemble the parment to the shoulders of the jacket with a small holding seam and sew an invisible support point on the tip of each side of the parment with the jacket.

Make the finishes

14. pin your bias by starting it with a small fold at the level of your parmentation.

15. Go all around the jacket with the edge of the second parment. Be careful when you arrive at a right angle, you must form a small diagonal with your bias (see the photo) and maintain it with a pin or a pliers. Then resume the seam of your bias a little further.

16. Regarding the sleeves, apply a piece of biases to hide the seam on the side (more aesthetic if you have to roll up your sleeves).

17. Make an invisible hem by hand on the edge of your sleeves.

Your jacket is over!


To wear alone, under a cape, under a trench ...

Estelle's interview the designer alias made in estel

What is your profession ?

I am a professor in applied arts. I love my job and this contact favor that we can have with students especially in my material! Knowledge sharing is important!

How long have you been?

I have been sewing since November 2017 when I opened my Instagram account @madeinestel

Couture, how did you fall into it?

I saw my mom who was a seamstress for a large luxury home for children.

I remember that after her work she sewed pretty smocked dresses. I was always well dressed! 
So by his side I made clothes for my beards? (Between us it was not princess dresses!?)
And then, time passes ... studies, work, and children ... and one day in November 2017 ... when I watched my Instagram from my look account @lou_juliette I came across a coupette which was like a revelation!
It was the boss the essential of "Delphine and Morisette"! I who had never followed a boss in my life !! I absolutely didn't know how it worked ???
But my motivation was there, so I took advantage of it !!! I followed the letter to the letter and it worked!
I was so proud that day !!! I remember it as if it were yesterday (ok, at the same time it is not something that dates from 10 years ago?) !!!
What are your favorite fabrics?

I don't have a favorite fabric, I really sew everything!

I'm in love with fabrics it's really crazy!
I observe them as if they were precious works of arts!
I do not throw any fall! I always manage to break a creative in my falls to offer someone around me (pouch, notebook cover, agenda, barrette, bracelet, little panties everything goes!))
These are my little treasures!
Besides, when someone comes to my house, there is always a must in my fabric cave, even the one who does not like seam has the right! ???.
When are you sewing?

Would it be easier to ask the question differently ?? "When you don't sew?" When I sleep or am at work (and again?).

I am a sewing addict !! ???
What is the creation you are most proud of?

I don't have one but three!

That I also shared on my channel Youtube Madeinestel  And in permanent story on my Instagram.
1- My t-shirt tutorial (available in permanent story) I do not buy any t-shirts, I do them is so much simplicity !!
2- My portfolio skirt boss
3- My tutorial of crazy sleeves adaptable on all armholes and available on my YouTube channel!
What are your fashion inspirations?
I am very changing ... So I have a wide spectrum of inspiration
I love the creations of brands like Sézane, Claudie Pierlot, Maje, Bash, small tops.
I was also a very good customer of these shops before sewing! ?
And then I look at a lot of fashion magazines that inspire me enormously ...
Do you have a seamstress tip to give us?

Yes full !!! I share it almost every day in story on my Instagram !!

I test a lot in sewing and suddenly I share in live what seems useful to me !!
A big thank you to Estelle who played the game and who prepared this pretty tutorial to you!
Tell us if you like this invited formula and who you want to see Estelle succeed on the blog ??

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