Jeans and embroidery, the winning and easy duo of our Custo!

Jeans is the must have of all stylish girls. And to give a blow of pep’s to my favorite jeans, I will adorn it with roses and embroidered flowers. Like embroidery is not my thing, I found some Flower badgesto Saint Peter coupons. And hop an easy tutorial. Romantic and poetic we love our jeans! My too basic t-shirt went into mode Flower Power, him too.




1- Layout of the badges thermocol

  • Place on your jeans or your t-shirt, the badges without sticking them to choose their final location.
  • Connect the iron without steam and moderately hot.
  • Return flat directly on the badge, staying for a few minutes.
  • Check that all the sets are well glued.
  • It's finish !


2- Laying of the badges stickers

  • Take off the badge from its plastic.
  • Gently pose at the desired location.
  • Press with the hand so that the whole rose adheres.
  • It's over, but yes!

3- Tips

Thermocoling or stickers are even washing. If you have put your badges in friction or folding places, do not hesitate to do some sewing points with matching thread on the pattern.

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