The Off-Shoulder dress in steering wheel

It's time to prepare to go on vacation! Made your wardrobe is part of the memories. The dresses are ideal for traveling light and being still chic and feminine. I found To the coupons of Saint Peter, a colored bayadère cotton coupon used for shirts. I chose the steering wheel but the version with the sleeves is on the same principle. In 1 hour, the Cousette is made!



  • 1 coupons of 3 meters ofcotton
  • awire coil matching
  • 1 meter ofelastic 1.5 cm
  • Sewing equipment and a sewing machine: wire cut, pair of scissors, chalk ...


1- Cutting pieces of fabric

  • Coupons are in Laize 140cm.
  • Cut 2 rectangles 60cm in width x 80cm in body dress height and 1 rectangle of 140 × 25 cm for the steering wheel. For the height of the dress you can make it shorter or longer so take your measurements. Here it is for a 38/40 on a person of 1.70m.

2- Surface

  • Surfing all the pieces of fabric with a zigzag point of your sewing machine.

2- Make the body of the dress

  • Place the two rectangles against the place.
  • Prick the two rectangles on the 2 longest edges.

3 - Cut the armholes

  • Place the body of the dress flat and trace the armholes at each end: 13 cm high by 6 cm wide.
  • Cut the two tissue thicknesses at the same time.

  • Hem the turn of the armholes.

4 - Make the steering wheel

  • Close with a bite, the long rectangle by its two short edges and always a counter place. You get a loop.

5 - Gather the body and the steering wheel

  • Mark the middle of the back.
  • Place the steering wheel sewing on the middle of the back of the dress, backwards from the dress against the steering wheel and pin to the armholes.
  • Mark the middle of the front of the dress and place the middle of the steering wheel which remains to be placed and then pin down to the armholes.
  • You should be from the steering wheel uninfined on the ends corresponding to the shoulders.

6 - Finish the steering wheel

  • Fold the steering wheel on the place of the dress.
  • Place and pin one end of the elastic on the edge of the seam.
  • Pin the whole tour of the steering wheel with 0.8mm more than the width of the elastic.
  • Prick this hem, when you arrive at the shoulders, make a little hem.
  • Leave 5 cm to sew the two ends of the elastic (make a test to adjust the elastic) then close.

I didn’t hem my steering wheel because the stitching side brings a bohemian touch. If you prefer with a hem then plan 5 cm more for the steering wheel.

This steering wheel may be wider.

Ready to face the hot weather!

You can decline it in Wax For a trendy look!

Good holidays !

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