The back -to -school Backpads & Works

Back to school is already there! To prepare you best we offer you a patron of modes & works exclusively! 

The Plumetis cotton veil is perfect for a gentle return to school with still very pleasant temperatures! Saint Peter's coupons offers you your boss of a return to sewing in plumetis and in a bi-color version by associating a little patchwork coupon ! For the occasion, we tested the tunic with these sleeve bracelets, its boat collar, and its small decorative legs on the shoulders! The tunic requires half a fabric coupon and allows you a simple and quick curl in 3 hours depending on your seam level, offered from size 36 to 50.



Find all the detailed explanations on the boss of the blouse and a summary below to help you during the making.


1- Cut your pattern and fabric depending on your size by adding the sewing margins of 1cm and 3cm for the hem. You must obtain: 1 back to the fold, 2 backs up to the fold, 1 in front of the fold, 2 sleeve bracelets, 4 legs and 1 neck paneled in front of the fold.

2- Form the hollow fold of the back and go back. Then swing one of the two backs high place against the back on the back and make a seam.

3- Superimpose the front and back at the shoulders, pin and sew 1cm.

4- Sew the shoulders on the second high back against the front facing in front. Then overlap the neckline of the blouse with the high -back lining and facial lining. Make a seam throughout the neckline, then notch.
Surfile the bottom of the facing and the bottom of the high back panel, then prick the bottom of the back panel on the back seam.

5- Superimpose and sew the shoulder legs against the place, leaving the right side free, then turn the legs.
Make a seam along the shoulder in the sewing margin to keep them in place.

6- Make the side seam of the Blouse Place against the place.

7- Close the sleeves by seaming a place against the place all along, then also close the sleeves and fold them against right.

8- Slide the bottom of the handle in the handle against the place, making the side seam coincide.

9- Slide the sleeves inside the blouse against the place and make a seam.
Prick the hem by folding 2 times 1.5cm along the bottom of the blouse. Finish by sewing the pimples on the shoulder legs to decorate your tunic.
Your back to school tunic is ready!

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