For a particular event like Valentine's Day or simply to please you, we have concocted a tutorial to learn to sew an Alma CARACO with a sexy and festive spirit in our very trendy gold pancake!


Discover a simple technique and accessible to beginners, to create your own CARACO Alma boss with fine chic straps! Ideal to sew in a fluid pancake for a nice fall. You can also add a touch of lace around the neckline. Simple and chic, this little CARECO will be perfect for a festive evening, but also for everyday life in winter under a jacket, as in summer associated with your favorite skirt! Follow the steps and make your CARECO in less than 2 hours with only 1 meter of Iride golden pancake !




 Create your CARACO boss

1. Select a commercial caraco to your size and fold it in half on your fabric previously folded in half, place against the place. Using a tailor or pins chalk, draw the outline of your CARACO by adding 1cm of seam margin all around, then cut according to the lines.

2. For the back, using a tailoring chalk draw the outline of your previously cut caraco front, withdrawing the "triangle" from the top of the Caraco. Then cut out according to the lines to form your CARACO back in the fold.

 Create the facilities

3. You will train the facilities. To this take your front and back parts to the fold, then decal a strip 8cm wide along the neck of your pieces as indicated on the diagram, then cut them.

 Create the suspenders

4. Cut two strips for 4cm x 40cm straps (or the desired length you can measure on your commercial caraco).

5. Fold in half in the direction of the length of the place, your two rectangles of strap, then make a seam at 1cm along the+ edge, before coming to return your straps. You have two thin straps for your CARECO!

 Assemble your CARECO

6. Spin the sides of your CARACO back and in front of the right place, then make a seam at 1cm. You can make a seam at the zigzag point along your previous sewing to prevent it from being faked.

7. Then perform the same assembly with the sides of your two back and in front of.

8. Position your facilities and your CARECO Place against the place at your neckline, pin and then make a seam at 1cm, taking care to slide your straps in sandwich.

9. Fear your sewing margin at the angles for a better rendering, and turn your top over the place. Iron your facing inside your CARECO to better place it.

10. Make the hem at the bottom of your Caraco by folding twice 1cm and then seams along the withdrawal.

Your pretty CARECO is now ready to impress your half at Valentine's Day!

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