Tutorial: Beach dress

Are you ready for the beach this summer?

The double gauze is a perfect material for summer creations to decline in a United Version or golden polka dots! Saint Peter's coupons offers you your summer dress pattern to spoil you in double gauze For the beach! For the occasion, we have tested the dress which is also available in top with its pretty stuck straps! The dress requires 2 meters of fabric and allows you a simple and quick curl in 2 hours depending on your seam level, offered from size 36 to 48.




Find all the detailed explanations on the pattern of the dress and a summary below to help you during the making.


1- Cut your pattern and your fabric depending on your size by adding the sewing margins of your choice. You must get: 1 back to the fold, 1 in front of the fold and 1 neck face in front of the fold.
You can choose to sew fine satin rat tails as on the pattern or to simplify the seam, we offer a tied suspenders version!

Creation of dress straps

2- To create your straps, cut 4 strips of 80cm x 4cm fabric.

3- Assemble place against the basis of straps and sew on 3 sides, leaving one of the small sides free, then notch the angles.

4- Return your two trained bands and take the angles out. Iron using a Tattemouille so as not to damage the golden peas.

5- Position a place against the front of the dress with its facing, then insert the straps at the tip by bringing out the non-sewn side of the suspenders. Make a seam 1cm from the edge all along the neck.

6- Return the facing and bring out the suspenders, then go back using a Tattemouille.

7- Your suspenders are ready, you will be able to tie them in your neck. You can continue to follow the dress instructions on the pattern to finish the dress.

8- Assemble place against the back the back and the front of the dress by the sides by opening the front facing.

9- Fold the facing and carry out the fold of the back then prick along the back 1cm from the withdrawal, then 1cm above and a last at 1cm parallel to the previous one. You have created 3 small passages to insert the elastics.

10- Cut 3 strips of elastic bands to your measurement, taking your chest round divided by 2 minus 3 cm. Insert the elastics with the passages with a small sighter pin, then maintain with a vertical bite along the sides.

11- Help the hem of your dress and tie your suspenders. Your dress is ready for the beach!



Bonjour, Je suis comme Maud, j’aimerais bien avoir le patron afin de réaliser cette cette robe d’été de Modes et Travaux. Où se la procurer svp ?
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Marie Claude MARSALLON July 15, 2023

Le 9 juillet 2023
je voudrais me procurer le patron: Tuto: Robe de plage ou Top de l’été de Modes Travaux. Malheureusement, je ne le trouve pas. Pouvez-vous m’aider?
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Au plaisir de vous lire.
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