The Antwerp Cape in a shed

To start the end of winter very gently, we have concocted a pretty simple cape accessible to beginners. The cape is a small mid-season jacket perfect to accessorize with long gloves and a scarf for fresh days and a small handbag with high boots for sunny days. Classic that reinvents itself every season, the cape gives the look to the silhouette while being very comfortable to wear!


Classic or more eccentric depending on the fabric you choose, we offer a simple and quick tutorial to design your chic cape in one of our new huts available in 10 colors at Saint Peter's coupons. Less than 2 hours to sew your cape to you, and all for less than 20 €, this is a great opportunity to enlarge your handwashed wardrobe with which you can be proud!

The boss of our Antwerp cape corresponds to a size 40; But you can very simply adapt the pattern by adding 2cm to the width of your cape by additional size or by reducing 2cm on the width per lower size. For example for a size 36, you must remove 4cm from the width of your cape. You can also reduce or increase its length depending on your size, the pattern with a stature of 1.75m




1. Cut according to the diagram the shape of the cape twice on the fold of your fabric and twice the shape of the pockets.

2. Place the benchmarks of the side openings using pins or a tailor chalk.

Creation of pockets

3. Mark a hem on one of the small sides of the two pockets.

4. Sew 2mm from the fabric withdrawal and iron the hem. Mark with an iron with 1cm withdrawal on the other 3 sides of each pocket.

5. To position the pocket. Fold in half the front piece in the height direction and pin the two pockets on your cape using the image indications: 25cm from the bottom of the cape and 8cm from the middle of the cape.

6. Sew 0.5cm from the edge of your two pockets.

Assemble the cape

7. Sew the place against the two sides of your cape, leaving the opening for the 35cm arms as noted on the diagram.

8. Open the seams with an iron and mark the hem of the openings.

9. pin the hem of the side openings.

10. If as for our shed, your fabric does not decide at all, you can sew 0.5cm from the opening to form the hem.


11. Form the hem at the bottom of your cape by folding once your fabric over 2cm and pin down.

12. Create a hem to finalize the neckline of your cape, marking a decline of 1.5cm, then pin and sew 1cm from the edge.

Your cape is ready to be worn to keep you warm at the end of winter!

We have chosen a very simple and timeless shape, which you can customize according to your desires! Do not hesitate to add buttons on the front to decorate your cape, a nice braid on the top of the pockets, or even pompoms or fringes on the bottom of your cape to make it unique!


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