The top pigalle in seersucker

The new collection of Seersucker with colored stripes and Lurex Fil has inspired us a tutorial which will be perfect for spring. The top pigalle is a small simple top to make with a nice detail on the back that makes all the difference! The stripes of the Seersucker highlight the sober cut of the top and the tip of Lurex makes it a festive top which does not leave indifferent!


the seersucker is a fine striped cotton fabric with stripes with a Lurex wire which is available in 5 colors in the yellow, with light and dark blue via the powder pink and the one we chose red! At only € 20 for 3 meters, you are spoiled for choice on Saint Peter's coupons To find the fabric you need to make this top!

The tutorial is designed to be accessible to beginners who wish to learn to make excess and seamstresses who wish to create their sewing pattern themselves from a trade t-shirt! Nothing could be simpler, let yourself be guided and make a nice trendy top in less than two hours!



Create your top boss

1. Select a t-shirt to your size and fold it in half on your fabric previously folded in half, right place.
For the front, using a tailor chalk draw the outline of your boss, leaving 1cm of more sewing margin. For the shoulders, add 8cm from the shoulder line and go down down the sleeve.

2. For the back, fold your t-shirt in half on your fabric previously folded in half but do not place it by the fold this time. Draw the outline of your t-shirt by adding 1cm of seam margin everywhere and dig your back by making a diagonal from the top of the neck to the center of your t-shirt with a height of 22cm, as shown on the diagram.

3. Cut your two boss's parts according to your landmarks.

4. You get a piece in front of the fold and two back pieces.


Create the steering wheel

5. Measure the length of your back neck diagonal and do the following calculation:
Diagonal length x 1.5 = length of your backstroke. (For us the diagonal is 30cm x1.5 = 45cm) Once this measurement, cut two strips of this length and width 8cm.

6. Make a hem on one of the lengths of your two rectangles. Then you're going to frown your two bands. To do this, make two seams parallel to 2mm apart by adjusting your sewing machine on the longest point without making a stop point at the ends of your seams.

7. Gently shoot the sides of sides to create the gathers and adapt the length of your steering wheel to your back neckline.

8. Place your two ruffles with the fabric of the top against the steering wheel and pin throughout the back neck.

9. Sew 1cm from the edge along the steering wheel. Then turn the steering wheel over the place and make a 0.5cm seam from the edge so that the steering wheel is well on the front.

10. Pin out of place your two back parts from the bottom of the back neck to the bottom.

11. Sew 1cm from the bottom of the back neckline to the bottom. Then turn your back turning and admire the pretty steering wheel!

12. Make the finishes of the neck neckline by making a hem, or if you have more experience you can put an invisible bias.

Assemble the top

13. Place against the place, assemble the shoulders of your top as well as the sides, leaving an opening of 20cm to pass the arms.

14. Carry out the hems of the armholes for the arms and the bottom of your top.

15. Your top is finished!

Have fun declining your top in our fabricsSeersucker Lurex, but in aprinted cotton, atencel, aPrinted viscose or onestriped chambray !




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