The Sacred Heart Skirt

Tencel is the ideal material for making very pleasant dresses or skirts to wear in summer. End, fluid and breathable, tencel is a soft material but which does not slip when it is sewed. What could be better than a pretty little gathered skirt to prepare for spring.


We offer this week a very simple tutorial and accessible to beginner seamstresses to sew a gathered skirt called Sacré-Coeur very trendy! The marked size, a length above the knees and a very feminine little air, your little skirt will run heads! A little material to find at Saint Peter's coupons, and for less than 10 € in 1 hour you get a small ultra trendy frozen skirt!





1. Cut a 60cm x 140cm rectangle (the length of your fabric layer) for a skirt that will measure 50cm high. You can adapt the length according to your desires.

Creation of an English seam

2. You will make an English seam which is ideal for pretty finishes on fluid tissues. To do this, bend against your fabric in the sense of width.

3. Sew 0.5cm from the edge of the fabric.

4. Cut the need if your seam is over 0.5cm from the edge of the fabric.

5. Turn your fabric and mark the seam with an iron. Spread along the previous sewing.

6. Sew 1cm from the edge of the fabric. The previous seam is thus invisible because it is hidden in the new seam.

Belt and installation of the elastic

7. Mark a first decline of 1cm on the top of your skirt.

8. Mark and pin a second 6cm withdrawal.

9. Sew 0.2cm from the edge of your withdrawal, not forgetting to leave a space of 5cm to slide the elastic later.

10. Make a second seam parallel to 3cm to the right of the previous one.

11. Measure the length of the elastic that you want according to your waist tower and the elasticity of your elastic, then place a dinner pin on one end of your elastic and insert the little by little into the slide of Your skirt. Ex: for a 38-40 you can have about 80cm of elastic.

12. Join the two ends of your elastic.

13. Sew the two ends of the elastic together.

14. Close the opening on your skirt with a seam to reach the previous sewing line.

15. Distribute the elastic in the slides of your skirt.


16. FINALLY HIGH THE HIGN OF THE SUCK. Mark a first withdrawal of 0.5cm then 1cm and sew 0.2cm along the withdrawal.
And There you go ! A little iron and your skirt is ready to be put on to impress your friends!

Your little skirt will be perfect this summer, but do not hesitate to wear it now before the end of winter because it is also perfect with tights!

A festive version in double gauze with golden polka dots

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