The lilac skirt

Vichy is a perfect material for making summer creations very pleasant to wear and easy to sew! Fine, light and colorful, it is perfect for sewing dresses, small tops, shorts and skirts with a retro and feminine spirit. We did not resist presenting a simple and quick tutorial to make a clever little buttoned skirt!


This week, our gathered lilac skirt is adorned with wood buttons but do not worry we present a tip for creating a false buttoning leg without tearing your hair for a nice guaranteed result! This is a declination of the skirt Sacred Heart Very trendy you really liked! Before you start, come and find all the necessary equipment at Saint Peter's coupons For less than 15 € in just more than 1 hour to get a pretty summer skirt!






1. Cut a 60cm x 140cm rectangle (the length of your fabric layer) for a skirt that will measure 50cm high. You can adapt the length according to your desires.

Realization of a false buttoning leg

2. You will make an English seam which turns into a false buttoning leg very simply. To do this, fold your fabric against your fabric in the direction of width, and pin all along and sew 0.5cm from the edge of the fabric.

3. Return your fabric to the location and mark the seam with an iron. Spread along the previous sewing.

4. Sew 3cm from the edge of the fabric. The previous seam is thus invisible and you get an English seam of the 3cm width which turns into a false buttoning leg.

5. Iron your false buttoning leg 3cm wide on the left side.

6. Spin and sew at the top and bottom at 0.5cm from the edge to fix the false buttoning leg in place.

Belt and installation of the elastic

7. Mark a first withdrawal of 1cm on the top of your skirt, then 3cm and pin all along the belt.

8. Sew 0.2cm from the edge of your withdrawal, not forgetting to leave a space of 5cm to slide the elastic later.

9. Measure the length of the elastic that you want according to your waist tower and the elasticity of your elastic, then place a dinner pin on one end of your elastic and insert the little by little into the slide of Your skirt. Ex: for a 38-40 you can have about 80cm of elastic.
Join the two ends of your elastic and sew them together.


10. Close the opening on your skirt with a seam to reach the previous sewing line. Make your hem 1cm and sew by hand a first button 3cm from the top of your skirt, and a second at 6cm from the bottom of your skirt.
11. Measure the distance between the two buttons and divide the in 5 then sew the 4 remaining buttons at the distance you calculated, it is about 8cm.

12. And that's it! A little iron and your skirt is ready to be put on to impress your friends!

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